Money, Politics and Media

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This piece will be short and to the point, and full of visual elements, in keeping with modern trends.

Our monetary system has by many independent commentators become corrupted, and this has been allowed because of the benefits to the few. It begins with a discussion of Fiat versus, “Real” money. Continues with discussion on the future, and then finally discusses why we got what we got.

Egon von Greyerz, talks about the currency devaluation over the last 100 years versus Gold, and how with charts he suggests that the U.S. is technically bankrupt.

The end result of which will be a collapse of the currency and with it much of Western Banking and finance.

In the second half of this next video, Max Keiser talks to Bitcoin entrepreneur – José Rodriguez, about crypto-currencies, and how both Mexico, and Argentina, have taken to them, to help solve their financial problems, which have beset the two countries, because of corruption, and the dominance of the American Banking System, which has had a detrimental affect on their nation’s finances.

And the British political scene seems to have opened up in this last election pre-season friendly, as some of the political commentators, seem to have tripped up, and lost some of their moral high ground.

Maybe some good will come of all this.

A corrupt Media system, policing a corrupt political process, presiding over a corrupt monetary system, for its own mutual survival.

Who’d have thought it?



Funny Money? Funny Jobs?

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My most recent post, hinted at the technological revolution that is just underway, as the digital revolution enters phase two.

I talked about how mainframes were superceded by mini-computers for medium sized businesses and universities, and at how that begat their widespread adoption which led acadamic institutions to seek to share their intellectual resources via the research network – Arpanet. This followed on from the former Darpanet, which was supposed to be a way for the U.S. military to communicate, if in the event of a nuclear attack many of their telecommunications systems were wiped out. That was the start of Phase 1.

The network settled on TCP/IP as the protocol – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol which is where we get our IP addresses from. (and the NSA knows where we are and monitors our communications – but that’s another story)

Anyway, as this revolution is throwing up some prospects for making money, the other side of the coin is that many jobs that have existed for many years, may be about to be wiped out. If your employment is in one of these industries, or sectors then perhaps it’s time to consider the alternatives…

BUT, where to start?

The starting place is “Funny money”… That’s what many people call money they’re not sure about. Monopoly money. Money that doesn’t feel right.

Well, when the Central Bank uses “Quantitative Easing”, which is a euphemism, for creating new money, to lend to the big core banks of the banking system.  In essence these Banks, they’re supposed to lend that money to other institutions and/or government (via Bond purchases), and businesses then the economy will grow – so goes the thesis.

And of course, the Central Bank to end all Central Banks – The Federal Reserve, with its un-backed currency – can effectively be the lender of last resort to half the known world. via its tentacles – the BIS (The Bank for International Settlements) and the IMF (The International Monetary Fund) which is part of the World Bank.

Now when the Central Bank prints money out of thin air so to speak… that’s fine, but when a businessman prints, or copies this fictional money (Fiat money, or money by Diktat) then the central authorities get nervous. Of course you can’t copy or print Gold or Silver – well, not really, (except by creating derivatives) which is why the Bankers and the politicians in their pockets don’t like it – but I digress.

In the Huffington Post and AOL this morning, it was reported that two Asian Businessmen – brothers – took the Xmas break in 2012, to print up £1.27 million of their own. They and two others, got upto seven years in prison, in their final hearing in December last.

Different rules for different people springs to mind? And don’t get me started on JP Morgan’s affairs, it seems their fingerprints have been over almost every financial scandal of the last ten years, including the Bernie Madoff affair, but we’ll save that for another day.

No, this technological revolution including currency revolution is gathering pace. In France I heard yesterday, that up to 20 new local currencies have been created and are circulating in localities, as people seek to stop their money from leaking out into the wider economy, to protect their own jobs and the village or town they live in. The free market strikes again…

These local currencies are also appearing in the USA, where across several states, local currencies are appearing. If we add in the 80 (or so I hear) crypto-currencies, the most widely known ones being Bitcoin, and Lite-coin, it appears the Bankers are going to have a real problem going forward as alternatives to their FIAT money systems abound.

What is making it worse we learn is that their traditional business of “Lending” is also under attack too, as the Internet now allows depositors with money to save or salt away – you choose your perspective – can now lend direct to borrowers through “Peer to Peer” lending web-sites, and crowd-funding. Even business finance I learned yesterday can be got on-line via financing web-sites. if we add in the ETFs, which use savers money to invest in the largest corporations, and in the UK, Investment and Unit Trusts, then the world is awash with alternatives to the old system of Bankers collecting savers cash, and using it to invest in the economy.

If the internet has changed anything, it is that geography is not the restriction that it once was, but that this will have a dramatic effect on our whole society. (But we also need to be aware of moves to restrict free access)

Anyone who has been down one of Britain’s High Streets recently, cannot have failed to notice how that has changed in the last 5+ years, as new under cover Malls sprang up during the boom years, and stores on the uncovered main streets now remain empty – with boarded up windows to protect them, and advertising, suggesting that sometime soon, some wonderful event is about to happen.

But it got me thinking, if this technological revolution is affecting Britain’s HIgh Streets as more of us shop on-line, and Britain’s Banks as more of us find alternatives to the currency, what will happen when Google manages to perfect its driverless car?

A report I saw over the week-end suggested it wil be perfected and regulated within the next five to ten years. So, if we have driverless cars, will we need driving licences? And if not? Do we need Driving Schools? So if you are BSM, AA-Driving School, or any one of the thousands of small businessmen and women who run a driving school from home, then this revolution is not going to leave much by way of business, and thus employment.

So if there are fewer and fewer jobs… Are we about to return to pre-industrial revoluton days, where we all operate a small-holding and the modern equivalent of a spinning-wheel in our kitchen with a 3d-printing press, churning out our own stuff, which we buy as raw materials and exchange these with our neighbours?

And if so? What about those who don’t have these devices, or can’t afford the raw materials? What if you are one of the thousands of people whose job it is to regulate industry, push paper and electronic digits around, write e-mails to other departments, and generally keep tabs on the productive sector of the economy, such as the IRS or HMRC?

Under the previous administration, this army of beauraucrats grew to over 40% of the economy. That means that for every pound earned by the private sector, over 40pence went to pay for people who merely watch what other people do in some way shape or form, and make sure they comply with someone else’s vision of what is right and proper. Even the military are increasingly being used to resolve disputes between neighbours – even if the neighbours happen to be Muslim and Christian, or Muslim and Jew, or even different versions of Islam.

Will the technological revolution therefore mean these people will have to find alternative work? And if so What?

The skills to manage a small business are manifold. As a former Business Studies Lecturer, I thought I knew it all (or most of it anyway), but after leaving the confined spaces of academia, I learned that in the real world, you have to be constantly looking at the horizon to see where the next threat is looming to your current business model, and to many small businesses, wrapped up in the day-to-day business of running their business, it is hard to find the time to stay one step ahead.

It therefore, suggests we’re all going to have to think differently about our money, employment and investment. Investing in ourselves, in our knowledge and in other prospective businesses.

Robert Kiyosaki famously currently promotes self improvement through Network Marketing, though ten years ago, I saw a report that predicted the death of Network Marketing, and which, I’ll make available free in a future missive. BUT Affiliate Marketing, which is the on-line equivalent, perhaps holds greater promise. And as for investing? Well until such time as we can manufacture Gold, or Silver, these precious metals, the real stuff, that has been the preserver of wealth for 50 centuries, will have to do.

And given the amount of QE that has been pumped into the system these last six years, the value of raw materials is rising inexorably, and one day soon, that will have to show up in the inflation numbers. As much as the inflation figures and for that matter the jobless numbers have been massaged since the last great financial crisis in the 1970s,, has tried to show the real figures and paints a very different picture.

On, the current  inflation rate as calculated back in the 1970s is 8.5% in the U.S., rather than the 2.0% we learn that the U.S and Britain is currently experiencing. And the U.S. jobless rate, recently reported as down to 6.7% is actually over 20% and rising, if calculated as it was in the 70s. Are we to assume Britain is so different from the U.S.? RT this morning suggested that corporations are minimizing price rises, by reducing pack sizes to avoid price hikes. But this can’t go on forever…

Of course, the Black (or grey) economy will undoubtedly add to the real economy, but always fails to show up in the government’s books. Is this perhaps one of the few – Growth markets?

For those interested in investing in 3-D printing, and those who will take advantage of the technology, and even 4-D printing – (a subject for a future post perhaps) they should check out the activites of the following:

Autodesk Incorporated, – ADSK:US

Hewlett Pacquard – HPQ:US

ExOne Corporation – XONE:US

Organovo Holdings Incorporated – ONVO:US

Stratasys Ltd – SSYS:US

3-D Systems – DDD:US

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. – TMO:US

General Electric – GE:US

Dassault Systèmes – DASTY:US

It seems our changing technology, will make fortunes for some… Of course the usual rules apply – these are not recommendations, but merely for educational purposes, and further research – as you might often see – DYOR – (Do You Own Research.)

And if you’re even thinking about finding an alternative to that job, that might disappear down the road, there’s dozens of simple, low-cost or almost FREE ways to get started.

Six Degrees of Separation?  They say that we are just 6 people away from anyone on the planet. Be that:  Hugo Salinas-Price, Al Gore, David Cameron, Barack Obama, Wen Xiao Bo, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Angela Merkel. You might have a brother or sister, cousin or Aunt, involved in local politics, who met a senior politician, who met one of the above during a political rally, who knows all the others…

“It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know” – How many times have you heard that?  Well, your network of contacts knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone… Who might just know one of the above, and building a network, whether via Social Media, or via an Affiliate Marketing network, the sooner you get started, the better.

Here’s an invite to get started NOW!


Bills, Bitcoins, Bullion and the Death of Cash?

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Today’s rant is about Money…As the Fed, prints another 85,000,000,000 crisp new dollar bills, we have to ask…

“Where does that money go?”  “Well, they don’t actually print that money do they?”  Well, that depends on who you ask.

The money gets loaned into existence, so perhaps no, they don’t really print off that money, it just gets lent to the Government via an I.O.U.  The Government gives the IOU to the Fed, who pays the government the money, then the Fed,, takes that IOU to the major Banks, They lend the money to the government at the prevailing interest rate (i.e. the discount rate), and the bond (IOU) then gets sold to the money markets who are essentially looking for a safe return on their surplus assets – you know, the money they don’t want to risk in the stock market, so that they can pay the pensions of those pensioners who have already retired, or the insurance companies, who need to have spare capital to pay out to claimants or for funerals etc..

The government of course get the money from taxes to pay the interest, (and the principal – that’s the money borrowed) and as long as the taxes covers the interest payable, the money markets really don’t give a damn.

However, when times are tough, and the economy suffers, the taxes the government collects go down, and their spending doesn’t, so the Fed steps into the breach, to fund the deficit.  Of course when a government is fighting a war, it needs even more money, and of course people in the military do not produce anything, so they don’t add to the stock of goods in the economy. And despite their protestations, they don’t really pay taxes, though they see it going out of the pay packets – If I give you $100.00 from the Tax coffers, and you give me $10.00 back by way of tax – how have you paid a tax? All you’ve done is give me back some of the money that others have earned…(and that goes for all government workers by the way) Anyway, that’s another story for another day.

Sometimes though the government spends way more than the economy can really accommodate, and that disincentivizes people, who don’t start a business, or who move overseas to escape the high taxation. In recent years the U.S. has experienced an increasing number of people who are renouncing their citizenship and moving overseas to escape the high taxation.

Of course, the inventive ones search for ways to escape taxes, and of course there are those who think government should be a lot smaller.

And that leads me to the meat of this rant… A Japanese man Satoshi Nakamoto decided to try to escape his governments free spending ways and as a software developer came up with a way for people to exchange values changing hands, and a way that wasn’t controlled by the government.  That was back in 2008. In 2011. Bitpay Inc., the company was founded, and Bitcoin became a worldwide success. Initially the Bitcoin, traded at a discount. However, in the last year, the price has risen and fallen, and risen some more.

During the last few weeks, the price reached the dizzy heights of $700, and briefly touched $878. On a Max Keiser show the other day, Max interviewed one of the early adopters, who suggested that Bitcoin was the future, and that the far east had become its main focus of attention as it had been more widely adopted there. He added that the U.S. had reluctantly adopted it, partly for technology reasons, as certain parts of the country lacked the technological infrastructure.

Bitcoin has been seen by its evangelists as the antidote to Big Government, and a rein on their free spending ways, which ultimately will rob government of its fiscal recklessness. However, as the value of Bitcoin has risen, alternatives have begun to spring up. Litecoin, and upto 80 others have begun to vie for the attention of the value exchanges.

In my own locality, the local Bus Company has a no cash payment system known as MIDAS. Here you load up a pre-pay card, and then when you board the bus, you deduct the payment electronically, and thus don’t need to carry cash.

This is one more nail in the coffin of cash, its exponents argue, but as lots of other alternatives compete for the investment dollars of the world, we have to ask… Is this so?

What is money?

As I’ve said in previous posts, money has to serve several functions to really be useful.

Its most important function is as a store of value, though portability, durability, fungibility and is widely accepted as such are others.

Bitcoins, Litecoins, and the 80+ others might serve some of those, but how do we know for example whether they are limited in supply?

When we buy a Bitcoin, we are buying software. Software is just a series of magnetized elements on a storage medium – 0s and 1s. However the software is written by humans, and unless we can see the source code, and the source code of the compiler used to translate the human readable code into the computer code, then we can’t  be REALLY 100% sure – Can we?.  And given that we humans are a trusting species, we tend to take on face value when we hear that a company has carried out the necessary checks – we have a tendency to trust them.

But as we have learned in recent years there are organisations who have been less than trust-worthy. The Banks for example.

JPM recently agreed to pay $13bn, as a result of its misdemeanours. HSBC agreed to pay £1.2bn (circa $1.9bn) for money laundering offences in December 2012, and was also fined $2.5bn in October 2013, with 16 major financial institutions colluding to rig the LIBOR rates. HSBC is also alleged to have been the recipient of $15 Trillion for onward transfer to other Banks in Europe (The full story can be read in – “The Coming Battle” ) – during the heat of the 2008 crisis

Gold and Silver, are only less useful these days as money, because the Banks have colluded to lower their true value, by market manipulations. The Fed which hasn’t been audited since 1953 properly gave a cursory glance to journalists in 1973, but has resisted all attempts since. In fact stories abound that the true amount of Gold that they are supposed to be holding, is far lower than the 8,700 tonnes for which they have entries on their Balance sheet.

So, why would we trust a software house, with millions of shareholders to satisfy, to limit, the number of these crypto-currencies.

We can but ask.

My firm belief is that sometime in the next 2-3 years, the Chinese government will announce to the world, that it has stored in its vaults 10,000 tonnes of the yellow metal, and if, (or when) that happens, then our current world currency system will come to an end, and if a world currency is to be formed, at its heart will be precious metals. And the price to buy will be perhaps 8 times what it is now.

A period of tumult is coming.

Gold and Silver will protect those with the foresight to prepare for this eventual re-organisation. The Coming battle is for a limited time available  – Sorry No longer available for FREE

Kicking the Can – Again (Thurs 31 Oct, 2013)

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So, as the Hurricane passed over the UK, on Sunday, and into Monday, we counted the cost.  It took a day or so for the damage control systems to take account of the damage, and we learned there had been further major traumas to several people, and even the death of one woman.

Our sympathies extend to their friends and families.

No doubt the Insurance companies  providing insurance to these property owners will be looking for ways to shave off a few thousand pounds of disbursements as the claims start coming in with immediate effect.  And those whose properties have been damaged will be spending their disbursements having their properties refurbished to get their businesses back up to productive use, adding to GDP, and if that involves materials imported from overseas, and value added here in the UK, then also GNP – but we won’t be any better off.

On the other side of the Atlantic today, we learn that the Fed (Federal Open Market Committee) met to discuss the U.S. economy, and decided to take no action, leaving in place another further dilution of the nation’s wealth by a further $85 BILLION – $1,940,639.25 per minute, raising the Fed’s balance sheet to almost $4 TRILLION. ($4,000,000,000,000).

I find it peculiarly confusing, that the Central Bankers can print out another $85,000,000,000 and no-one bats an eyelid, but we learn that in the U.K., a man who had decided to make his own U.K. British Pound coins (allegedly upto £1.5 milion including blanks) and that man got 8 years in prison (currently up for appeal)

So rich bankers can do it, and give themselves large bonuses for doing so, but poor folks can’t… Doesn’t sound fair to me?

Which is why originally, money was just gold and silver… (and Copper of course for pennies)

In other words the only people who used to make money – legally – were the miners, who sold it to the lawful mint, to be coined into legal tender.

Ah!  Yes, but there’s the rub, the Banks don’t get their cut when that happens.

And that’s why the price of Gold and Silver is manipulated using paper derivatives. If the sheeple* were allowed to see the REAL value of Gold and Silver, more and more would likely begin to buy it, and that means currency, that the Fed would like to have put into risk assets, such as property and stocks and shares (and to a lesser extent T-Bills) rather than a lump of metal, that gains in value but doesn’t employ people, would leave the economy.  (and prop up miners in foreign climes)

Makes you wonder why foreign governments and miners aren’t kicking up a fuss about it?


* The word ‘Sheeple’ is a derogatory term used to define the great uneducated and uninformed masses, who follow the rest of the herd, rather than get educated and think for themselves.