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The Ron Paul – Minority Report…

Today, you can download a copy of the Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman Report, completed in the wake of the last financial crisis in the 1970s.

The report ran to 245 pages, discussing the monetary history of America, and suggested a way for the nation to eliminate its debt, and lead the country to a brighter future…

The report was published by Congress in 1982, but essentially hidden from all and quietly shelved. Given events in 2008, which the Federal Reserve was purportedly created to prevent, shows how little the Bankers and their puppet politicians have learned.

They are about to get an education that will outlast their children, and grand-children.

Read On… to get your education in advance.


When Money Dies

When Money Dies, is the story of the Weimar Republic, told through the eyes of a woman – Frau Eisenmenger, and the British Consulate in the period after the first World War.

It tells of the monetary collapse, upto and during 1923.  This is a story everyone who is preparing for the future should read, and you can get it here —>>> When Money Dies