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When the Music Dies…

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Long, Long time ago,
I can still remember,
How the music used to make me cry.
I can’t remember if I cried,
when I read about that widowed bride,
but something touched me deep inside,
the day the music died.
So, “Bye Bye, Miss American Pie.
Drove my Chevvy to the Levy but the Levy was dry.
Them good ol’ boys are drinking whisky and rye.
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die.
This’ll be the day that I die.
The day, the music died.”

The Gold market is at the moment a bit like the old parlour game of yesteryear, when we all played ‘Musical Chairs’ after dinner on sundays, before wall to wall TV, and other distractions began to isolate us from each other – except via digital means.

The game – for those who don’t know – involves putting together enough seats for all the participants, while playing music, and then removing one chair.

When the music stops, the last one to sit, is out.

The game continues until all the participants are out as each turn gradually reduces the number of chairs to one.

The gold market is gaily playing the game, blissfully unaware that the gold (Chairs) are being continually reduced and one day soon, the Bullion Bank Gold Vaults, will be empty, and one of the big players will want to walk away from the game, with their chair, (Gold) and the chair won’t be there.

The day that that happens, will be like the day in the song above.
For those unaware, the song was a reference to the crash in 1959, when Buddy Holly, and the other musicians Ritchie Valens, and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa. They disappeared off the radar on a snowy journey on February 3rd.

The evidence is stacking up for all to see. Those with even a small stash of Gold and silver will be the lucky ones.

Exhibits A, B, C, and all the rest are from a web-site I visit on occasion, but which in recent days has been just full of evidence that the number of chairs is quietly, and incessantly being reduced, as the Chinese take all the chairs east.

The day the music stops, will be like the story of the Emperor who was wearing no clothes, until the small boy pointed out the truth.

Gold (and silver) will be worth a whole lot more, no matter what Harry Dent Junior says:


The Technology Killers

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Most of the governments of the world, from the U.S., to Britain, to Europe, to India, to Japan, and beyond are controlled by the Central Bankers – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, J.P.Morgan et-al, and the people behind them – the IMF, the Central Bank’s, Central Bank – the BIS and the World Bank.

Standing behind the Banking industry is the biggest industry on the planet – Big Energy – Oil and Gas. The Seven sisters, as they are known, are the national oil corporations from Holland, UK, France, Italy, and America: Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Total, ENI, Chevron and Exxon-Mobil.

In recent decades, several others from China, Russia, Kuwait, and Saudi-Arabia, have also joined these behemoths, the top few of which have annual revenues, the size of Britain’s GDP.

The Central Bankers, in particular – the Fed, also control the stock-markets, via control of the input values that stock watchers use, in their now electronic trading games, which are now so powerful, they allegedly control 90% of trading activity on the New York Stock Exchange (See: “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis)

These massive currency flows also help control currency markets, and the Fed’s Trading Desk, manages the price of Gold (and silver) via its minions – the big bullon banks, as often spoken about by Max Keiser on his show on RT – “The Keiser Report”. Gold and silver, is seen by the wider financial community as the thermostat on the financial system – its the release valve if you will. But the bankers and the politicians, they fund, don’t want you to know, when the pot is boiling, and about to blow its top, so they try to control it, they want to keep you inside the fence, so that you’ll do what they need you to do. Go to work, make money (for someone else) pay your taxes, don’t think too much, and don’t upset the existing system – The Status Quo.

Once every five years, or sometimes more often, they allow us to vote in the election of the Head of the Corporate PR department – the Government. And just to ensure you choose the appropriate candidate – the Blue Candidate, or the Red candidate, they control the information you get to see, so you won’t stray too far from the corral, by buying up the news media corporations, and restricting access to anything that criticises the existing way of doing things….

When the economic thermostat reads too hot, the release valve on the system blows its top, and the system cools down again (that’s just how economies are) – Josef Schumpeter, called it “Creative Destruction”, but nobody wants a cool down (a depression) on their watch, so politicians intervene, and in so doing make matters worse. Delaying the inevitable, we end up with mis-directed capital, and industries that should be shrinking in a controlled way, but get propped up, even as new technologies are being devised to solve problems that the many can see, but the few don’t want to give up control of and threaten their economic empires.

In that regard, Jeremy Corbyn is right… WE need an economy for the many, not the few. The problem is, I suspect Mr Corbyn and his Associates are like ALL politicians, they think they know better than the market. They meddle with the inputs, they distort. They seek to get the outcomes they want. They interfere until the results are what they want. The market though, is always seeking fair value, always seeking to make the most from the least. Always looking to solve a problem for somebody else, to make a fast buck (or a pound).

The motor industry, emerged to solve the transport needs of the world, and the in-line four, petroleum powered engine and the Wankel Engine, and the Deisel engine, the V6, V8, V12, are all variants on a theme. They draw in a fuel air mixture, compress it, ignite it, and the resulting explosion through the engine and transmission systems, drives the car forward. The Electric vehicles of recent years use electric motors, to drive the wheels, and you have to store enormous batteries made of lightweight materials – Lithium, the lightest of all metals to store the energy, and Graphite a lightweight conductive material, and soon to be made into Graphene to transfer that power with minimal loss to where it needs to be used. But, the industries behind these two technologies have grown into huge vertically integrated industries, that yield so much financial muscle, they control governments, even whole continenets.

However, who funds the Big Oil capital requirements? The answer: “The Bankers” – it’s a symbiotic relationship… Where one goes, so goes the other. The Big 6 Banks of America, provide huge capital injections especially for the fracking industry, who need huge amounts of capital, to fund exploration, and drilling operations. They also supply the billions, needed to drive technological innovation, and to drill hundreds of wells, that have driven down the oil-price, and used to make high-cost producers leave the industry, or to over-supply, leaving the lost cost producers to benefit. It also deprives governments of the revenue, that the American elite might view as hostile, that they depend on to make hostile behavoiur against the U.S. – Think of organisations such as: IS, Al-Qaeda, and nations such as Iran, Syria, China and Russia, and the other terrorist and similar organisations, but who controls the Bankers?

The Bankers, especially at times of crisis, depend on liquidity, which in the 2008 crisis, came (at least in the U.S.) from the U.S. Treasury. The stories of senior banking figures literally begging the Treasury for funds, are legend, and was highly instrumental in saving the failing U.S. banking system, which ricocheted around the world when $500million was attempted to be withdrawn from the system in a two hour window. The Banking system, was just hours away from total collapse, so the story goes…

So, the Bankers, the Oil Men, and their money, hold the American state hostage to their fortunes. And because the oil men fund the politicians, and through their taxes, the state, they demand obedience, or else… The three major intelligence services of the U.S. oil state – the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI are allegedly partially funded by funds collected from the sale of Heroin, grown in Afghanistan, and sold on U.S. markets, and this is also used to fund “Black Projects”. These black projects are used in military spending for funding, and control of other nations by financial means, (See the book: “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”) and the development of military hardware, that the deep state wants to keep secret from the people (including reverse engineering of alien technology but that’s another matter).

Of course, these intelligence services share data, to control those who might oppose their actions. In effect these organisations behave like private armies and security services for these huge corporations.

Of course this drives governments to monitor and attempt to control their populations too… (witness this: )

Tesla Motors, and Elon Musk’s billions, may provide a future where oil is less in need, but for the moment, the oilmen’s influence is still the primary driver of economic activity, with drillers, explorers, refineries, truckers, railmen, and rail manufacturers, pipeline manufacturers, engineering companies making valves, valve-controls, pressure guages and regulators, catalysts, and of course vehicle manufacturers who build oil burning engines, whether petroleum or diesel type as well as the thousands of retailers who own petrol stations, and sell all kinds of merchandise to repair and maintain those vehicles.. So you can see, much depends on the energy of oil, and these corporations, and the governments they fund, really don’t want to change that.

So, of course, the oil industry influences politics and the intelligence services in many ways. The middle-east still largely earns its crust from the energy products it sells to the world. And both Iran and Saudi-Arabia view each other across the Persian or Arabian Gulf with distrust.

In the Anglo-American world, politicians still visit the middle-east to sell them arms to inflict damage on some of their Arabian neighbours…And I while hear that Yemen is approaching famine proportions, few among the west appear to want to raise that as an issue in western media outlets… Is that for a reason? Is the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) looking to reduce the muslim population of the world, by fair means or fowl?

It’s all about the oil, silly…

The unrest in the middle-east, drives up oil prices in the futures market, and even Iran, and Saudi-Arabia require high oil prices, as they both have increasing budget defecits and rising populations, who are now demanding western level lifestyles.

Twenty years ago, I learned of a man who developed a new form of carburation that tranformed the petrol engine. It essentially fracked the petroleum liquid, into a fuel vapour, instead of a mist. This vapour would burn far more ferociously, and easily giving circa 300% increase in power, increasing miles per gallon, from the high twenties to 75-125 mpg, for a big American Motor. The Fuel Implosion Vaporisation System (FIVS™) was eventually patented, and the patented process made freely available on-line, but when he first attempted to do so, that’s when this man’s life fell apart, as Federal Agents, and even the Sherriffs department, began making this man’s life a misery, even making him spend time behind bars on trumped up charges…

Allen Caggiano, was a HVAC engineer, (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) who while cleaning some equipment, accidentally stumbled on a way to improve fuel efficiency. He naively thought that because at the time, the U.S. had just been through the oil crisis, he would be welcomed with open arms and make a fortune. What he didn’t reckon on, was the deep state using everything it could, to bury his invention, and if necessary – HIM. He ended his days a broken man in a wheelchair as several attempts on his life made him realise what was at stake.

But what if all the above wasn’t necessary, because we can use one of the most abundant materials on the planet? What if we could run our cars on water? Or what if we could even make our traditional petrol engines run on water?

Remember, don’t affect the profits of the oil men…It could kill you…

Hydrogen Technologies – HHO- – What happened to this invention?

And Who Killed This Inventor – Bruce E. De Palma? – and who ruined Nikola Tesla?

The Disruptive Future…

Most people will have heard of A.I., and even Virtual Reality (VR), or its sibling – Augmented Reality (AR). Many might have heard of the new era of Robotics about to sweep industry and commerce, and a few will have heard of Spintronics, and Graphene, and America will be at the forefront of them all. But none of them is this disruptive technology, that we are discussing.

And we have to ask… Who is behind this? …and What have they got to gain…and who will lose?

America’s new President – President Trump has promised to sweep away dozens of regulations, even coming away from the Paris Accord to International approbium. But even without Trump’s agreement, this technology will disrupt hundreds of industries and businesses.

By now you might be wondering, if this disruptive technology is the reason for Trump’s Travails. But, as they used to say in “Yes Minister”… “I couldn’t possibly comment.”.

Of course, you might think that given the last few months, in which President Trump has been accused of so many things, All of which have had not a shred of hard evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that he has done anything wrong. But, mud sticks, as anyone will tell you, and if enough mud is thrown, some of it will stain.

But his desire to repeal decades of government policies, to re-import jobs that have been driven overseas by extensive legislation, to halt the over-regulation that has strangled economic growth, is not going to be the main driver of this disruption.

And for those who spot the changes early, and who act on it, some estimate, it could increase their investment tenfold. Which is great, but according to some predictions by industry experts, the gains could be even bigger.

They estimate this technology’s value is set to grow from as little as $210 million to as high as $20 billion in just a few short years.

That’s a 100 fold bigger than it is today…

Which means if you get in on the ground floor, you’ll have the opportunity to turn every $1,000 invested into $100,000…

Every $5,000 into $500,000. Every $10,000 into $1 million!

And even starting out with a modest $100, that could become $10,000 – giving you enough to put a deposit down on a house, or buy a run around for one of the kids, or take two of you on that round the world cruise, you’ve always promised yourselves…

Of course, the socially left-leaning media barons, and those who run the Oil and Banking industries don’t want you to hear about this revolutionary story, at least not yet, but I feel you NEED to hear about it and what it could mean for your investments, because it could have profound implications for the way the world does business, and who benefits – Qui Bono.

As important as that is, and what the future holds for Britain, and America, this is going to be far more disruptive, and will be remembered long after Prime Minister Theresa May, and President Trump have left office – whether that is as a result of his impeachment, his replacement by the next incumbent, or his demise at the receiving end of an assassin’s bullet.

What is being poposed will disrupt everything. And is far more important than Obamacare and deregulation. It’s a plan that could end the Federal Reserve’s power over the US dollar…

In fact, an ex-Federal Reserve banker admitted it could break the relationship between the Fed and the dollar FOREVER.

Trump hasn’t gone public with this plan just yet… but information hidden in plain sight, from senior-level advisors, shows that there is a lot of interest and even excitement about this plan, and even Reuters has stated that there are “a number of enthusiasts” for this tech in the president’s inner circle.

Including: Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor and friend of Steve Jobs, who has suggested this new technology could become “a threat to fiat money.”

J. Christopher Giancarlo – Trump’s head of the CFTC (Commodities, Futures and Trading Commission) – has said that this technology “will have profound implications for global financial markets” and could “revolutionize the world of finance.”

And Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director recently said: “ [it], has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry and the U.S. economy.

So maybe you’re thiking this incredible story is about Bitcoin?

Well, I’m here to tell you at the outset – “It’s Not!”

And it isn’t about that funny money that Jim Rickards has talked about as the thing that will replace the dollar, and thus shake the foundations of the monetary system – the SDR. Nor any other system that has been discussed at length – The Gold Standard, Hard Money or Bitgold – though the latter is closer to the truth than the former.

A technology, that could disrupt those two behemoths Oil, and Banking… And a technology that could disrupt the Military Industrial Complex, and its power to influence, and the heroin crop growers – growing poppies in Afghanistan? But also the Legal Profession, Accounting profession and many others may be disrupted,

This technology has the potential to create untold wealth for those who get in early? And what if in doing so it took away the control by America’s Puppetmasters – The Fed?

So, who is behind it?

The President of America – one Donald J Trump, is behind it…

What will the deep state do to him now?

According to one little-known report by Fidelity Investments… this technology could be unleashed by as early as January 2018. And when it takes off, it’s going to create numerous millionaires, almost overnight.

A study by Juniper Research has found that more than $290 million in venture capital was invested in the technology in just the first six months of 2016. And billions more are expected…which means in fact, this tiny industry being created around this plan could grow a hundred fold.

While everyday Brits and Americans are in the dark, the big banks are already preparing for this new financial system

As someone from CNBC said, “The bottom line is that big banks see big potential” in this new system.
And according to sources on Wall Street – Bank of America has quietly filed 35 patents related to this new revolutionary financial system…Also an 88-page Goldman Sachs research project found that this new system “can change… well, everything.”

On top of which, 13 banks have joined a coalition led by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Barclays designed to transition them into this new financial system in the next year…

Former banker Blythe Masters who had been called “one of the most powerful women on Wall Street” – quit her seven-figure job to work on this development. She told investors recently: “You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the internet in the early 1990s. It’s analogous to email for money.”

No wonder Wall Street has been pouring money into the companies involved in this breakthrough…

According to an influential economist, Dr. Hernando de Soto, the ability of this technology to record, protect and transfer wealth has huge implications…And De Soto is not some crackpot evangelist… he was named by Forbes Magazine, as one of 15 innovators who will “reinvent your future.” He says, this new financial system could cause an explosion of wealth generation around the world — creating as much as $20 trillion in new wealth. Given that the world economy is currently circa $60 Trillion, that’s an explosion of one third of world GDP.

Given how lack-lustre the world economy has been these last fifteen years, that’s ENORMOUS.

But some industries, that rely on money siphoned off from the taxation system, and dubious currency flows from illegal activites, that get cut off, could spell the end of the secrecy for America’s and Britain’s Military Industrial Complex and the Black Projects, that the Deep State have pursued for decades… ever since the Roswell controversy first launched the Integrated Cicuit onto an unsuspecting world, which would usher in the micro-computer, the smartphone, and the Space Programme in 1947.

Is this the REAL reason the Deep State wants to bring Trump down?

The current financial system, controlled as it is by the Federal Reserve, which was set up as the government went home for Christmas in 1913, when it was slid onto the statute books on December 23rd, has been involved in all the major crises of the last 103 years…

Even the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, admitted in 2002, that the 1930s depression was caused by the Fed. And presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul, also blamed the Fed, saying that every economic downturn suffered by the country in the last 80 years can be traced back to Federal Reserve policy. Of course the “Credit Crunch” of 2008, is also one for their gifts to the world of economics.

And no president in over 100 years, has been able to stop this financial machine, that earns for its owners 6% annually, on the crushing debt that has accumulated in the U.S. Six per-cent of $20TRILLION… $120 BILLION and rising…in just interest payments from the tax-payers of the U.S. alone. Enough to build a railroad from New York to Washington D.C.

Yet this technology is in its infancy. This technology is about to hit the mainstream media.

2016 was a year of ‘proofs of concept’; 2017 is much more likely to be a year of implementations,” said Keith Bear, one of IBM’s Global Section Heads.

“2016 was a coming-out party of sorts,” said industry expert and author Alex Tapscott. “2017 will see the technology reach a certain level of critical mass of understanding.”

The Federal Reserve also published a paper last year that noted this technology is in the “early stage.”

So, is this the perfect time to get involved? A massive “YES”.

In the current financial world, it can take days for your cheque to clear, or your stock purchase to get finalized. Banks can charge 15% to 20% to move money from one country to another…on top of transaction fees, and service charges. Credit card companies can take 3% from merchants… and remittance companies like Western Union can take 20%!

That’s crazy in an era when you can send an email anywhere in the world in a split second. And given that increasingly money is merely digits on a computer ledger, why can’t money move as fast? Moving money has always been an expensive, clumsy and error-prone process, but not anymore…

With this new technology, value can be exchanged securely in seconds for virtually no cost.

This new financial system isn’t just a new way to move money around. That in itself wouldn’t be “revolutionary.

It’s so important that experts are calling this tech a “new layer of the Internet”. We already have an internet for information…and shortly the “Internet of Things”, which in itself is going to generate trillions in new wealth, but this disruptive technology is a second layer and is being called the “internet of value.” This new layer is being powered by this revolutionary system I’ve been telling you about…

In case you haven’t already guessed it – this new technology is “The Blockchain”. And whilst this is what Bitcoin sits on, and this as I’ve already stated in a previous post could mean – Bitcoin could reach $1,000,000 each, this tech is going to totally change the world.

It’s a new kind of encryption that protects the value of a digital asset… and enables different computers to trust each other in a way that was impossible before. Having that “trust” enables a secure exchange of value.

Major Banks have begun experimenting with it… Citibank has created a crypto-currency called Citicoin that they’re testing internally. In an internal presentation, the company declared, “Due to the potential benefits, we believe adoption of the technology is inevitable.”

Goldman Sachs created one called SETLCoin, which it will use to trade securities. It also declared in a report that “the blockchain could disrupt everything.”

Bank of New York – BNY-Mellon, another major player in banking, created one called BKCoin. These massive banks are so excited about this new technology that their CEOs heads are exploding. “The blockchain is going to bring levels of efficiency to the financial markets that we’ve never seen before,” said NASDAQ CEO Bob Greifeld. “It could be as impactful as electronic trading was…” With this revolutionary technology, they will settle instantly.

And as we all know the old saying goes, “time is money.”

However, as someone who has some experience of crypto-coins, as the block-chain grows in size, under the current Bitcoin style system, latency gets longer before a transaction is confirmed.

And a failure of the network, which could jeopardize the integrity of the whole system would be catastrophic. As we saw with the British Airways system failure a little while ago, people get angry when they’re inconvenienced…
Imagine how they’d feel, if that failure cost them their fortune?

Thankfully, anyone who knows crypto-currency knows, that the entire blockchain, is stored on each node on the network. But what about when the blockchain grows to terrabytes or petabytes in size, or your machine fails because of age? These things need to be thought about in advance.

But all worries aside, some small companies involved in this revolutionary technology, will be able to offer ways to profit from it, but most of those don’t offer stocks. But as Reuters reported, thirty of the biggest finance and technology firms, are focussing their investment onto developing a single master block-chain. Whether people trust it enough to use it in place of existing blockchains – including Bitcoin is up for debate. But, the best part is most people don’t know you can buy into this master blockchain right now – today.

If you watch this episode of RT’s financial programme “Prime-Interest” of 22nd May 2013. The episode holds an interview, with the man behind this new blockchain system Chris Larsen CEO of OpenCoin Inc. (which was renamed – Ripple Labs, and subsequently just Ripple) after it was discovered there was a name clash with another digital payment system of the same name.

If Wikipedia is to be believed Ripple was fined by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) a bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury under breaches of the Bank Secrecy Act, in 2015, which meant the corporation was brought under the control of the state as the company agreed to only transact XRP and “Ripple Trade” activity through registered money services businesses (MSB – Banks and the like), among other agreements such as enhancing the Ripple Protocol. The enhancement won’t change the protocol itself, but will instead add AML transaction monitoring to the network and improve transaction analysis. This AML (Anti-Money Laundering) transaction monitoring, suggests that the financial authorities, will be able to monitor (and thus control) EVERY transaction on the planet – IF it becomes uniformly used, giving enormous power to those in the upper echelons of the power elite.

Will this prove too much to bear by a population just waking up to being able to transact anonymously as with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto-currencies. I suggest it will, but in the meantime, It might prove useful in creating some real wealth. That begs the question though, whether the state will then outlaw such anonymous, distributed, consumer led transactions as Bitcoin, and the other Alt-coin payments.

So in the meantime, it could be fun. Provided you sell and buy Precious metals and Bitcoins when you cash out (or if you trade them successfully)

Albert Einstein, called compound interest, the 8th wonder of the world.. And if you want to earn it, get involved in the Alt-coin space for free, and have upto 10 different crypto-currencies deposited daily for FREE, then just follow this link, Free Bitcoins every 24 hours. – and that’s essentially what it is. Once that’s done, just enter an e-mail address there to create an account. after that, you will receive a confirmation link via e-mail to confirm you are the owner of that e-mail address… click on the link to confirm it, and that’s it… Job Done.

And if you want to add or exchange your BTC for ETHER (ETH) or other fiat currencies including EUR, GBP, USD, and RUB you can do that at: Http://CEX.IO

And if you want any further evidence of WHY you need Crypto, and/or Gold or Silver, then watch this… It will leave you STUNNED…

Further to this video, in the first week of June 2017, the price of BTC has been variously between $2,600 and $3,100…

The price has fallen back today, from its high, but as more and more fiat currency tries to rush for the exits, into Crypto, Gold and Silver, the prices of these metals and coins, will seem like a gift from heaven.

Good Luck

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Global Capitalism, in the Age of No Capital

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DollarsThis piece began out of musings on how the current world economic system, could be overturned (or if we were starting from a clean slate) beginning with a new system. to develop a system, that serves everyone.

Some people have been speaking of the end of Capitalism, as though what we have now is Capitalism.

(Like HERE in the UK Guardian)

But, I just think many people don’t really understand what Capitalism is…

The word, “Capitalism”,  derives from the word “Capital”.  This word is just a posher, more accountant friendly version of the word for “savings”.  And to have savings, you have to have a monetary system, that means that the money in everyday use (currency) retains its value over very long periods of time, and is garnered from the excess production by workers, or businesses who save that money.

This money can then be pooled, typically by Banks in individual savings accounts, to allow larger projects to be funded, and corporations to borrow this, to grow their business, or to finance those larger projects.

Of course, there can be savings made by corporations too, who produce in excess of current demand, and this “Retained Earnings” to use accountant speak, is then available for investment in new products or services, which adds value to the business, and enriches the lives of the many.

But, going back over 45 years to the 1970s, when I was a teenager, and just starting out in life, there were two forms of accounts. The type of account where money was deposited for immediate use (a current account) and money that was “saved for a rainy day” and was typically deposited into a “Savings Account”.  In some instances, these were 90 day accounts.  These accounts paid a higher rate of interest, than normal savings accounts, which were called “time deposits”, because these funds were deposited for a period of time – in this case 90 days.

That meant that the depositor, had to give 90 days’ notice, to get access to their savings, or forfeit interest earned.

However, back on 15th August, 1971, the last link between real money (Gold and Silver) was severed, when Richard Milhous Nixon, President of the U.S., closed the “Gold Window” temporarily, which meant that foreign nations could no longer demand Gold in exchange for dollars at the Bretton Woods rate of $35.00 for 1 oz of Gold.

That day ushered in Corporataucracy, though we didn’t realise it at the time.  In a world where a Bank can just press a few keys on a computer, or have its Central Bank (owned by these ultra-large corporate banks) create funds out of thin air by “Computer Keystrokes”, or the “Printing Press”, the large corporations and governments, can borrow increasingly larger sums of currency, without others having to make those savings out of current production or consumption.   This disconnect, means that current consumption, does not have to be forgone to pay for some new project, which reduces the need for savings – but also reduces interest rates, as capital is no longer needed, but it also tends over time to lead to increasing concentration of the means of production, into the hands of those with access to this line of credit, and the desire for huge capital sums.

The rise of these mega-corporations like Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, Walmart, and here in the UK, BAe, TESCO, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons, have all risen, by building large concentrated infrastructure, which is capital intensive.  Most of these corporations can borrow large sums cheaply, because their revenue streams, are constant, and thus they quickly create surpluses in their respective bank accounts.

For these large corporations, that money going into their current accounts, which is vulnerable to loss – IF – their Bank has financial difficulties so needs to be used or given back to shareholders, but is vulnerable, until such time..  So for many companies, this almost forces them to invest in newer premises, and growth in newer overseas markets, to use that currency, or risk financial loss as it sits there earning next to zero interest.

The alternative would be to return that surplus to the investors, which would raise share-prices, and distribute income, but in a world where money is too cheap because it is limited only by the bank’s willingness to hit the right keys on their computers, corporations who have large and dominant shareholdings by the families that created them, have little need for raising risk capital from shareholders, and thus the risk is transferred from the company, (and its shareholders) to the lending institution, while the share price rises, increase the power and wealth of these family shareholders. VW/Audi, Porsche, TESCO, Morrisons, and Sainsbury, are all businesses, where the original family owners are still large shareholders of the business. This is particularly true where the huge sums borrowed jeopardize the stability of the Bank doing the lending and a Black Swan event places a strain on the Banking system.

This risk, is later transferred to the State as Banks use their own freely created Capital, to acquire other smaller banks, consolidating markets, and then when they become systemic, they transfer that risk to the tax-payers as they become “Too Big to Fail”, “Too Big to Jail”.

I believe, that a number of events in the economic, political and financial spheres, may be about to undermine this.

Banking – Politics – Economics –  Changes Making the World a Different Place…

The rise of Islam, as I mentioned HERE: , threatens the wider economy, as religious doctrines amongst its followers, limit the number and range of economic activities which in themselves, could destabilise the western world’s economies to the point of failure.

However, this post is about the other events.

Bullion and Bitcoin.

The last eight years, has seen the rise of Crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, and a concern among many about the extra $3.5Trillion, put into the monetary system, by the Federal Reserve, driving the rise in demand for precious metals Gold and Silver.

Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, could be about to usurp the power of the Bankers (See: My Post on this topic HERE , which if it occurs, means that because the Banks can’t just lend more and more money (currency) into existence, they have to earn the trust of depositors, and use their limited funds wisely. But inevitably, these inventive Bankers will use their political influence to ensure that they get the outcome they need. Probably outlawing crypto-currency trading, and using it for certain purposes.

The East, has for the last one and a half decades, been accumulating Gold in Central Bank Vaults, while the West, has been ridding itself of this substance, that Keynes according to legend discussed as a “barbarous relic”.

However, Gold as the final arbiter of the value of money (See This:  or This – ) can stem the flow of funds to large corporations, who would have to rely on available funds from savers, and increased economic activity, would have to produce those surpluses, which means the increasingly automated world, will need more savers, driving up real wages, to buy the products and services of automation, their prices would need to be more competitive too growing sales, and as Henry Ford recognised, salaries would need to rise encouraging savings to accrue.

And for those past the first flush of youth, or perhaps in retirement, the savings rates paid would go up, and that would help those having to live on retirement incomes.

But, it might also mean,  that for the first time in a long time, America, would not be able to rampage around the world, laying down the law, and interfering in all those countries, that require expensive military hardware, that the U.S.  can just buy with the funny money, that is hot off the computer or printing presses.

Mike Maloney’s take on things is that the printing presses will drive the world to take up the SDR sooner rather than later. The SDR, for those who don’t know it, is the “Special Drawing Right”. It was first created by the IMF during the 1970s, as a certificate for a basket of the major currencies. And the Yuan, has just been added to that basket, but the Chinese are pushing to add Gold to it too, and that will drive demand for Gold.

You can see Mike Maloney with David Morgan, precious metals dealer, and financial guru, discussing matters here:

And for when this happens, Silver will ride on Gold’s coat-tails, But the rush for silver will probably overtake the price rise in gold, by a factor of 5 to 1… And this explains WHY…

The Collapse (and Renaissance?) of the West – Part 2

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Death by a Thousand Cuts?Threat-Image

To read the background to this piece (Part 1) go here…

The History of Islam, is the history of strife in and around the middle-east and Mediterranean Sea. Wherever Islam, has butted up against other religions, and cultures, there has been war, battles and strife.

In recent years, in the 1990s the war in the former Yugoslavia, was caused largely due to the influence of the U.S., which encouraged and provoked unrest, to bring the Socialist Republic, into the western sphere of influence, as Slovenia in the North, and Croatia in the North West seceded from the state that General Josip Tito had unified during the 1940s, at the end of the Second World War.. And of course if you remember, your history, the first World War was started in that region, when a Bosnian Serb called Gavrilo Princip killed Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

But what few in the News media tell you, is that in Albania which sits alongside the former Yugoslavia, (and Kosovo) the majority of the population are Muslims – roughly 55% in Albania. The other Balkan States are a mixture of Slavs – Catholics originally from Northern Europe, and Greek Orthodox.

After the war began, those ethnic Serbians began ethnically cleansing Muslim Kosovans in the Moldovan region. – when 8,000 were killed in a genocide – remember Srebrenica? But, although Albania, has applied to join the EU., it is the poorest country in Europe, and if it IS granted membership, we are likely to see a tide of people leaving to find work elsewhere in the EU.

So, what does this have to do with today?

The wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria, to overthrow those hard-liners in power, is according to some, because those nations challenged the American dominated International Financial System, because these nations refused to have a Central Bank controlled by the Rothschild controlled IMF. In Iraq’s case, Sadam Hussein, began to sell oil for Euros. While, in 1998, it’s Saudi neighbours were obliged to sell their oil in Dollars, When Sadam Hussein fell, one of the first things to change was the oil price – back to dollars…

The Saudis, have a long-standing agreement – probably more like a veiled threat – that the U.S. would defend the Saudi Kingdom, from all threats as long as the House of Saud sold its oil in dollars, – and as we know back in 1974, when the agreement was negotiated between Henry Kissinger, and the Saudi ruler – that potential threat, was the Soviets, who were considered the biggest threat.

Libya too, threatened the dollar hegemony, when Muammar al-Qadaffi, began to build a consensus for a golden Dinar, of known size and weight, to be used in trade throughout Northern Africa. The Gold which he had traded oil for, has of course, mysteriously disappeared from the nation’s coffers in the aftermath of that revolution.

Syria’s Basher al-Assad, also judged a threat to western efforts, is also allied with the Russians, who have long had a naval base on the Syrian Mediterranean coast, and as we saw recently, Russia supported the President, to fight the CIA backed IS, who were encouraged to push for a new caliphate. But in reality, this was to scupper the deal between Assad, and Iran to pipe Iranian Gas from the Persian Gulf, where a huge gas field, has long been known about. Whereas, the Americans would prefer if Saudi and American oil interests exploited that gas and piped it to Europe.

But the oil wealth and the rising religious fervour in that part of the region, has been cause for a “Hijra” to be called.

The word Hijra (emigration) relates back to 622, when Mohammad and his followers migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (now Medina) and the 5+ million Syrians, Libyans, Somalis. Eritraens and other African nationals, that have faced the vagaries of the Mediterranean Sea in small boats and inflatables seem to think, that Europe in general, and Britain in particular is their future, but how many of them, are not Asylum Seekers, not refugees, but perhaps bear a cultural hatred borne of their religious texts, or teachings. It has been both a push from Islamic Nations, and a pull from Western European nations with birth-rates falling and so low that even the current population levels in Europe couldn’t be maintained. The objective of the emigration by the clerics is clear to make Europe an Islamic continent, and eventually the world.

Britain faces a unique position, because if your first language is not English, your second language, usually is… And that goes for 70% of the world’s population. And between China, and the Atlantic Ocean, just India, and Britain speak English widely.

With Muslim families typically having four or more children, and under Sharia Law, upto four wives, those European nations with large immigrant populations, will by 2050 have a huge and quickly rising Islamic population. The economic consequences of such a large contingent, demanding Sharia law, will if allowed, cause a major headache for Western Economies – even to the point of economic collapse.

How so? I hear you ask…

The Islamic faith is not just a faith, but a political philosophy too, and the consequences of such are not often discussed.

If you like your Traditional English Breakfast, with its Pork Sausages, and English or Danish Bacon, what will you do when Pork Farming is outlawed? Where will those few producers of Pork Dripping, Lard, and other Charcuterie producers find their income? Where will you go to dine, and have a glass or two of wine when alcohol is no longer permitted? What will happen to the few British Pubs that remain, when they too close for lack of demand or by religious diktat? And the Breweries that supply them?

Where will we go for summer holidays, when women are denied the chance to travel alone, And where will you women, wear revealing bathing costumes – bikinis, lingerie, or provocative clothing? What will happen to the fashion industry as restrictive dress codes challenge modern fashion elements, and what will publishers do when fashion magazines and designers are no longer needed? Where too those workers of publishing houses, whose purchasers of the likes of Razzle, Cosmopolitan, and Hello, are restricted in what they can publish, and advertise?

Where too will women work, if they are restricted from studying, and who will employ them, when/if they are so poorly educated, they lack sufficient skills except to pour coffee, and what will happen to the ham-burger suppliers and the chains of stores that cook them? Or if the Saudi interpretation that restricts women from even driving without a male chaperone? And what will women do, if the rape of a woman, requires four witnesses before it would be proved? While the punishment for such – unless proved – is “stoning”, or beheading of the woman!

As a recent video showed, on, young women of 18 and below being auctioned on the streets of London, by men wearing Arab Islamic dress, with arguments by Islamic preachers suggesting that taking a wife as young as one is within the teaching of Islam, and is acceptable, what does that say about how women are valued in society?

The economic consequences of having 50% of the population set-back more than 100 years, and essentially being restricted to the hearth and home once more by a patriarchal society is dire. Women’s rights would be set back a century. Who will staff the hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels – presupposing anyone would want to visit a nation that supported such hard-line policies. Who will work as P.A.’s to senior executives in the few corporations of any significance? What will those female aspirants to parliament do, when they are not allowed to engage in public life? Where will the future Margaret Thatchers, Theresa Mays, and Barbara Castles of these islands come from?

The western economies, with their liberties, which were hard won over many centuries, needs to beware of the Trojan Horse within, and to allow liberties to be set back, by a Liberal elite who have tolerated two classes of citizens to live in these nations is remiss at the least – those who follow, abide and vote for the policies, that our western societies believe in, are tolerant, while the other class, who use that tolerance to restrict those who live within their strictly enforced religious enclaves, are Fascistic. This, as other you-tube videos shows, non-muslims are being chased by physical presence from the streets where large Islamic populations live, and where there are protests against this, frequently this results in physical and emotional abuse, particularly of women, by young Islamic males.

If we do not address this growing division, by strongly enforcing the laws (and liberties) of the land, the consequences will be as stated – dire. As multi-culturism has been forced on a largely unsuspecting population, there are those segments of world society, that still insist – “There is only one way, and that way is theirs.”

But, what is also concerning, is that many followers of Islam, believe that non-muslims are second-class individuals. These hard-liners follow the strict interpretation of the Qu’ran. These are the people whose dress code and behaviour, are a throw-back to the 7th century, which is, and will be a source of division, and eventually war if we do not confront these sterotypes.

A photograph of a woman ballerina – posted by Alicia Keys on her twitter account – wearing a Burka, with her bare leg thrust forward provocatively, promoting equality, received short shrift from many Muslim women, who are forced by their patriarchal overlords to wear the garment.


Will this be a feminist issue? At the moment, those on the left seem more concerned with religious equality, rather than gender equality. If people do not awaken from this slumber, and this naiveté, there will come a day, when the realisation dawns, they were wrong, and that will be their new shocking reality.

So, in conclusion, will the imposition of Sharia Law , or even large populations of Muslims in the nation cause economic dislocation and collapse hinted at in the title?

Even the technological revolution waiting in the wings of Artificial Intelligence, and 3D technology – 3D printing, and 3D video and Image projection through holographic systems becoming commonplace, will perhaps not create sufficient new wealth and new jobs to support the rising number of people with little or nothing to contribute, save their muscle, and/or religious fervour.

And the rising demands on the Social Security budget, will cause the population to question who, what when and where social security is given.


The Collapse (and Renaissance?) of the West

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– April 2nd, 2017

This piece is in Two Parts – Part Two is Here

The Sword and The Book – Instruments of War.

I woke up the other morning, sweating, heart pounding and breathing heavy. I didn’t know what time it was, but I knew it was early. I daren’t put the light on, or even check the clock by pressing the illuminate button, because I knew it would wake my wife. So I ended up lying there, tossing and turning, thoughts churning over in my mind.

I’d been dreaming, and the dream was one of those were you end up fighting some unknown foe. I quickly realised who I had been fighting, in this somnabulistic nightmare.

I’ve been studying, and watching a huge number of videos on Islam, and the history of it over the last 1400 years recently, and this must have been playing on my mind.

Of course this blog is not normally dedicated to religious topics, as it is usually too contentious, and people get upset when you challenge their deeply held beliefs, even if you use rationale and logic to do so – or especially because you do.

But, as I began thinking about the theology, I realised that there are economic consequences, quite serious consequences. I realised that there are monetary and economic forces at work, so I also began studying the history of the man who became the prophet, that so many revere in the world, and casting my analytical eye over the whole piece, reaching some surprising conclusions.

Some History

I was surprised to learn, that an Islamic Caliphate had existed pretty much since the death of Mohammad in 632 A.D., until 1924, when the last of the major European economies, rid itself of Islam, at least in its political role in the state. But, that at its height, it was bigger than the Roman Empire, of which we learned so much as children. Why weren’t we taught that?

The turnaround in fortunes began as Europe began to be more economic than spiritual, and the breakaway from the Papacy, by King Henry VIII, for his own ends, began the change.

That was followed by the reformation, when the schism in the Roman Catholic Church began, set in motion by Martin Luther, when he wrote: “The Ninety-Five Theses”.

This was reinforced by the renaissance, when science began to become the major driver of thinking, and the improvements in productivity this allowed, coupled with the movements from the countryside to the towns began to occur. The Gutenberg Press spread the word far and wide as cheap books became commonplace.

Europe expanded through education and enlightenment as European ships set sail towards the New World, to return, with wondrous trinkets from Native Americans, and fortunes in Gold and Silver as these new lands were discovered, explored and plundered. As mechanisation took hold, this cemented Europeans in the ascendancy as they could develop stronger economies, and build well-funded armies.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was the founder and first leader of modern day Turkey and established the state, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in the early 1920s when he created the Grand National Assembly on 23rd April 1920. He had studied Western nations, during his extensive military career, and began to build his new nation, on more secular lines.

Mustafa Kemal fought a final battle with the Islamic Caliphate Army, shortly after the signing of the Treaty of Sèvres, which was imposed by the allies on the Ottoman Turks, and by September 18, 1922, the occupying armies were expelled. On November 1, the newly founded parliament formally abolished the Sultanate, ending 623 years of Ottoman rule. The Treaty of Lausanne of July 24, 1923, led to the international recognition of the sovereignty of the newly formed “Republic of Turkey” as the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, and the republic was officially proclaimed on October 29, 1923, in the new capital of Ankara. Mustafa Kemal became the republic’s first President which finally broke up the Ottoman Empire.

On 1 March 1924, at the Grand National Assembly, (GNA) Mustafa Kemal said: The religion of Islam will be elevated if it will cease to be a political instrument, as had been the case in the past.

On 3 March 1924, the caliphate was officially abolished and its powers within Turkey were transferred to the GNA. Other Muslim nations debated the validity of Turkey’s unilateral abolition of the caliphate as they decided whether they should confirm the Turkish action or appoint a new caliph. The only political party of the GNA was the “Peoples Party”, founded by Mustafa Kemal on 9 September 1923.

He forbade women to wear the Hijab, ensured they got an education, by establishing free compulsory primary schooling and forbade men to wear the beard.

He made Turkey a secular state and gradually its importance in the region grew as its economy and population did, aided by membership of NATO and acting as a bulwark against soviet expansion, which meant American money went there.

The West (in the guise of the EU) dangled the carrot of membership, but the rhetoric of recent months, and the animosity between Muslim President Recep Erdoghan and the Netherlands, seems to have put paid to that – at least for a while. Turkey despite shooting down a Russian MIG fighter jet over Northern Syria, as it apparently ventured into Turkish airspace seems to have patched things up with Russia, as they apparently were co-aligned in fighting so-called “Terrorist groups”

In Russia’s case, they were fighting anyone who threatened their relationship with Basher Al-Assad, which is largely because if he falls, Russia loses one of its allies in the region, and probably the warm water port it has in Northern Syria. Turkey, meanwhile is intent on fighting the Kurds who have been pushing to have a homeland in South-Eastern Turkey, and Northern Iraq for decades, and Kurdish oil, would give them money and influence, which Turkey is wary of having, on its south-eastern flank.

The Tribes of Islam – Sunni and Shia, have been fighting amongst themselves for domination ever since the demise of Mohammad. Mohammad’s father-in-law – Abu Bhaqhar, and his cousin – Ali ibn Abi Talib, began feuding over who should succeed him, after his death by poisoning, in 632, and the interpretation of the religion, and these two strands of thought have been fighting for dominance ever since.

But one of the things that has perplexed me over the time I have been thinking about this problem, is that if a person is praying 5 times a day, how much time they have for study of scientific, and other critical thinking subjects. In fact according to one source, I was surprised to learn, that the whole of the Islamic world (of 1.4 billion souls) translates fewer books each year than tiny Liechtenstein.

But, the Islamic world has had two events happen, to help them:

In the 1920s, oil was found, in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, and the Arab-American Oil Company (Aramco) was established, before it was nationalised some years later… This with the establishment of the Petro-Dollar system, by Henry Kissinger back in the 70s, gave the House of Saud, rising importance in the world, as dollars flowed into the Kingdom’s coffers. That immense wealth went into Palaces, British and American Defence Technology as the Kingdom purchased British Fighter Jets, and American missiles and equipment, which has provided the Kingdom, with an excuse to spend their wealth, and recycle some of that wealth into British and American jobs.

Behind the scenes, the Sunni dominated House of Saud, and the Shia dominated establishment in Iran, have been feuding: funding and promoting unrest throughout the region for decades. Whoever wins that battle, wins the battle for dominance in the whole of the Islamic world, and therein, lies the root of the problem for the west.

Religious Fervour

Back in the 70s, two important things happened… The oil-crisis, brought about by rising world demand, due to an increasing dependence on oil and oil derivative products such as plastics, fertilizers, chemicals, paints, and the pharmaceuticals industry etc; drove the price of oil, as it rose from circa $1.60 per barrel in 1969, to $41.00 per barrel briefly in 1980, and that meant huge amounts of wealth transferred from the west to the oil producing nations (Largely OPEC).

The second thing that happened was, that the ruler in Iran in 1978 was the U.S. installed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – the last Shah of Iran. But a new twist was about to happen. On January 16, 1979, Pahlavi left Iran after a citizen’s revolt, and two weeks later, on February 1, the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran. Khomeini had been exiled to various countries, including France, where he made several contentious speeches. He was arrested and exiled to Iraq, then Turkey and finally Paris, France in 1964, but shortly after his arrival back in Iran, on February 11, 1979, Khomeini appointed his first own prime minister, Medhi Bazargan. On March 30, 1979 a referendum took place in Iran and as a result, the monarchy was replaced with an Islamic Republic. After the Islamic Revolution, Khomeini became Supreme Leader of Iran.

As a young man, Khomeini, studied in Qom, an Iranian city, where he received a traditional religious education, but Khomeini, also had other plans. Wiley as a fox, Khomeini – intended to bring Islam to the world. The oil wealth, would allow him and his government to spread the word, and buy the support of those around him. Just as the House of Saud, and the hundreds of Royal Princes do in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia.

These two almost tribal nations, one espousing Sunni Islam, the other espousing the more traditional Shia, eye each other across the Persian Gulf. The Straits of Hormuz a narrow waterway, as narrow as the Dover Straits, separates the two nations. And through those straits, 40% of the world’s oil travels. If any one of these two nations decided to close the straits, oil would hit $200 barrel within days at soonest, and weeks at most.

The other choke point – The Baab-el-Mandeb (The Gates of Tears) sits on the other side of the Saudi Peninsula and allows entry to the Red Sea, and the short-route to Europe through the Suez Canal.

In 1973, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria went to war for the second time, the Egyptian President – Anwar Sadat, and Basher Assad of Syria attempted to take back the land won by Israel in the six days war in 1967.

Oil was hovering around $2.30 a barrel. Just days later, while the Israelis, the Syrians, the Jordanians and the Egyptians were still slugging it out acorss the Sinai Peninsula, The Libyan Colonel, who had taken power just four years before, and had nationalised the Libyan oil-fields, and their production technology, raised the price of oil heading to Italy. First to $3., then four, then six, and finally in one final flourish to $11.69. The war lasted almost three weeks, before a UN resolution and a threat by Leonid Breshneyev Soviet President, to put troops on the ground unless the U.S. did, brought hostilities to a swift halt. the War had lasted from October 6-24, 1973.

Reports emerged later that at the time Iran had charged as much as $17 per barrel during the crisis briefly. The small Islamic nations had risked everything against the Western Powers, and survived. The U.S., Italy, France, Germany, former Empire holder Britain, she who had controlled 50% of the earth’s land-mass at one time, were reduced to penury. No armies arrived, no foot-soldiers, no planes bombed their fields, and no jack-boots patrolled their streets, nor gun-boats patrolled their shores. These tiny Arab nations had stood up to the great western powers, and were emboldened. That winter, brought a severe crisis, in Britain, as inflation would reach 26.9%. Mineworkers went on strike, and then power workers. The UK government of Ted Heath was forced to bring in the three-day week to conserve fuel, and council workers joined the fray.

Heath announced a snap election for February 1974, and asked the question – “Who governs Britain?” the electorate answered not so emphatically – “Not you.”. The election was insufficient to give Labour a full mandate, and a brief pact between Labour’s Harold Wilson, and the Liberal’s Jeremy Thorpe maintained things until a second election in October that year, gave Labour a slight majority.

The Americans, had their own crisis that year end, as cars queued at gas-stations for $5.00 worth of fuel, and gas-stations ran out of fuel causing frustration at the Arab nations.
But what does all that have to do with us?

Find out in Part Two


Monopoly Money…

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I am reminded of my days as a child, playing Monopoly… Of course, the company that manufactured the board game: Parkers – or in the UK – Waddingtons – produced many versions for major markets. America, had its version, based on New York, Britain’s version used London, and Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – the rest of the five eyes – no doubt had their versions too. All told there were 103 versions (at least according to Wikipedia), so I suppose most people over 30, will have played it or seen it at some point in their life.

I was reminded of it, because of the new British £1.00 coin, which is a bi-metallic 12 sided beast, that reminded me of the coins that were made of plastic in the above mentioned game.

The new coin, according to several sources: “has a hidden security feature to make it difficult to counterfeit, but officials at the Royal Mint have not released any further details.”

“It is thought to involve material inside the coin itself which can be detected when electronically scanned by coin-counting or payment machines,”

“Three years in the making and costing £2 million to develop, it inserts a physical security layer within each coin that allows for thousands of coins to be scanned and verified in a matter of seconds, quickly separating the real coins from the duff ones.”

Of course the British Fiver (£5.00 note) is now made of plastic, and incorporates security features to make it more durable, and difficult for counterfeiters to produce without it being obvious. By October this year, the older paper based Fiver will be obsolete, and apart from the nice shiney new ones that made it into envelopes to be stored in drawers and cupboards for children when they were younger they will no doubt like most currencies of yesteryear, disappear into the realms of history.

That is a feature of all currencies… NOTE: A currency is for “current” transactions…

Money is a different beast altogether.

For anything to serve as Money, it has to have 7 functions. (Mike Maloney has a wonderful series of videos on You-tube, that tell the History of Money, should you wish to do further swotting up and if I were to watch or recommend just one, or two, I’d start with part 4)

Money has to be: A Medium of Exchange, A Unit of Account, Portable, Durable, Divisible, Fungible and a Store of Value.

Most of those are obvious, though Fungible might confuse a few people. Fungible just means that each unit is the same as each other unit so it doesn’t matter which one I use, they are all the same.

BUT, only Gold and Silver coins: where the size, weight and purity is known, can serve as money.


Therein lies a tale…

Because an ounce of Gold, or a Pound of Sterling Silver, remains the same over hundreds of years, and retains its size, weight and appearance,  therefore they are a store of value.

The story goes, that an ounce of Gold, will buy a quality suit of clothes from a top tailor on Savile Row in London, England, just as it did a hundred years ago.

This means that the government has to limit its activity because it will run out of money, unless it taxes its people more, and most governments are like Turkeys – they won’t vote for Xmas, by raising taxes on the population, because in democracies, people who raise taxes tend to get voted out of office.

The British Pound Sterling was so-called because the British Crown Royal Mint assayed it and using stamps, that were stamped into the metal, to verify its purity came up wiith the definition of 925 parts per thousand, which gave it its name.

This became the basis of our monetary system. Alongside this money, the British also had a Golden Crown and a Golden Guinea. The Golden Guinea was once,  a one ounce coin of pure Gold, valued at £1.05 (21/- or 21 Shillings) A shilling was 1/20th of a pound.

Of course at a time when 16 ounces of something was a pound, this wasn’t the same for Gold and Silver, as they are measured in Troy ounces which are heavier, than “Avoirdupois” ounces by a factor of 1.225 times, so was the equivalent monetary value at a time when the Silver:Gold ratio was legally defined as 16:1 or 15.5:1 at various times.

Britain left the Gold Standard during the early days of the first World War, to allow the nation to pay its war bills, for war munitions and this allowed it to expand the money supply without causing immediate deflation, or price inflation. America, did well out of it, as Europeans bought many of their materials from the U.S. like grain, and household goods, as well as munitions.

So why do Governments, and their agents, want to steer you away from having real money?  That’s a good question.

If you get real money from your time, talents and energy, you could put your excess earnings into savings, and the government and Banksters would not be able to tax that. In order to pay for their actions, they need to steal your time and your freedom… People who are free from the drudgery of work, have too much time on their hands, and can think. And people who think, are a potential threat to those in power, as they have a tendency to spot the scams being run by governments.

In post WWI Russia, a young economist called Nikolai Dmitryevich Kondratieff produced a report that stated that the economy which tends to work in cycles, has a long-wave cycle of roughly two generations. Robert Beckman a financier during the 1980s, and author of the book “The Downwave” suggested a cycle of 54 years, but this obviously depends on when women begin having their first child. This became known as the “Kondratieff Wave”, and Kondratieff, to counter this cycle, suggested allowing the population to have small businesses like Britain, and other nations

For Lenin and Stalin, this proved too much. Kondratieff, who was tried for treason to the party spent 8 years in jail. While he was in jail, he did further research, and when he was released, he was tried again, and this time was convicted, and sentenced to death by firing squad…

His sentence was carried out that same day.

Both Hitler and Stalin, took gold out of the hands of the citizens, because as the old saw goes: “He who owns the gold, makes the rules.”. So owning Gold gives you “Freedom”.

So, Governments, and their Central Banker paymasters need to restrict the population from using money, because it has limited capability to be taxed. And those on the inside, can’t get YOU, to pay for their pet projects, that many of them, will benefit from, further down the line.

So the new British pound to go back stops those who wish to preserve their wealth, from storing cash at home, out of the Banking System, because periodically, they are forced to return their notes and coins to the Banking system to be replaced by their newer less counterfitable replacements.

Now when you have to replace large sums, the Bankers know how much you are storing out of the system, and if that sum exceeds typically £10,000, they are duty bound to report that to the Government under legislation to prevent money laundering (at least so they say).

In reality, it is about controlling the banking system and the flows of funds into and out of the system, because the government and the bank relies of a functioning banking system to set taxation policy (Govenment debts are owed to the Central Bankers and thus need to know who has the funds)

This new coin therefore, is just part of the ongoing strategy to get everyone into the banking system, (there are currently over 1.5 million people with no Bank account) and to ensure the Banks can make a profit from this, free banking has to go.

You have to ensure that you have a minimum of 10% of your assets held in readily exchangeable assets with “no counterparty risk”. That means Gold and Silver.

Of the two precious metals, Andrew Maguire a precious metals trader has proved conlusively, that the U.S. government’s Bankers (the Fed and its client Bullion Banks) have been manipulated to the detriment of precious metals owners. the ratio historically of price between silver and gold is in the region of 16:1.

During the 1990s, this ratio began to be manipulated, as the US. government, which had used 2.75 BILLION ounces of Treasury Department Silver, during WW2 as part of the Manhattan project, and had to shut down the facility that used that silver in 1992, for 3 years, while they recovered that silver, to sell, because demand was growing (due to widespread industrial uses) and that should have raised the price, and encouraged more companies to find and produce silver, which would have brought the price down again… THAT is how markets are supposed to work – Economics 101 as the Americans might say.PM-Coins

Monopoly is outlawed in most industries, because a monopoly can extract monopoly profits – take it or leave it… And yet we allow our government and its Bankers to ensure that we can only use their monopoly produced money… Is this fair? No!

The only way to beat this monopoly practice, is to purchase precious metals and to keep those under your own control…

The time has arrived.

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Beware The Ides of March…

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Can You Trust Your Bank

Students of Literature, will recognise the title from the warning given to Julius Ceasar, as epitomised in the Shakespearean play of that name.

It was a warning to the general, to beware, by a soothsayer (who remains nameless). A warning that apparently he ignored. Of course, as the conspirators – the Senators, stabbed at Ceasar, and Marcus Brutus a former long-time friend plunged his knife into the man, Shakespeare’s Ceasar uttered those now immortal words – “Et tu Bruté” (And you Brutus?)

Of course, in the modern era, the last major play, that resembles this drama, is the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd 1963, as he was brutally slaughtered by a conspiratorial cabal operating in the upper echelons of the power political scene in America.

Who all these conspirators are, has remained largely unspoken… But some people, are doing what should have been done 50+ years ago, by the Dallas Police, before the CIA and the FBI took over the post assassination conspiratorial machinations, to cover up their involvement, and to plant the idea in the public’s mind, that “it was a lone gunman” a Russian Sympathiser, who spent three years in Russia, but who was in receipt of $200 per month from the FBI as an informer, and who received special training by the CIA to learn Russian, before he allegedly dropped out by going to Russia and staying there for three years…

Those invoved in the Conspiracy carefully massaged the images and the Warren Commission headed up by the very man, that Kennedy had fired just a few months earlier as Head of the CIA to ensure the story remained “on message”.

Of course George Herbert Walker Bush, when asked where he was at the time of the shooting, had vague recollections of where he was, despite someone of that name making a call to J. Edgar Hoover’s office – Head of the FBI just hours after the shooting proving he was in a hotel in Dallas. And his recollections apparently varied on subsequent questioning of the same incident, The same George H. W. Bush who went on to be Carter’s head of CIA, and then Vice President, during the 8 years that Ronald Reagan was President, and almost made it to the presidency when President Reagan was shot, by a lone nutter… But the President in true Cowboy hero fashion, survived.

JFK’s brother Robert Kennedy who also later ran for political office also met a sudden death when yet another lone nutter (CIA – MK-Ultra participant?) allegedly shot him at close quarters as he emerged from the hotel kitchen into the glare of waiting reporters, TV cameras and waiting dignatories – and CIA operatives?

Here is the best documentary I’ve seen on this and other subjects…

JFK Jr., had his 3rd birthday just three days after his father’s death, and after growing up and becoming by, all accounts, an honourable man, handsome, suave, considerate and latterly a pilot and publisher of a magazine called “George” – Was this a clue to the mystery surrounding his father’s demise?Why George?

And of course, John F Kennedy Junior ALSO met an untimely demise, when his plane came down late in the evening, as his plane disappeared off his flight path and plunged into the Atlantic, just 1 minute after he called in to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport, to say he was at 2,500 feet and ready to descend to the airport… But he never made it, falling out of the sky almost vertically just 60 seconds later… Meanwhile, George Bush Junior, for the three days, was nowhere to be found… Hmmmm… “Curiouser, and Curiouser”…cried Alice…

You can get a better description of events here…

So what does this have to do with the Ides of March?

Well, as President Trump has already made known to the world, some of the things he wants to do is to “Drain the swamp”, and began the process, though CIA leaks have been made to discredit him, but even the MSM have had to eat some of their words. However, many things seem to be happening that suggests he won’t see out his full-term – one way or another…

Already people are setting Trump up for a fall… Here’s how Zero-Hedge put it

Roberto Gualtieri, chairman of the European Parliament’s economic and monetary affairs committee, also criticized Trump. “Some first concrete confirmations of a new more unilateral policy stance by the new U.S. administration, including on sensitive financial markets regulatory issues, raise concerns and require both thorough reflection and action from the EU side,” he told the committee.

Meanwhile, Draghi deflected accusations lobbed at him over the weekend by German finmin Schauble, who said not Germany, but the ECB and Mario Draghi, are responsible for the undervaluation of the euro:

And SGTReport who holds views similar to my own, regarding the economy,  believes  much the same with regard to Trump’s likely outcome, as those behind the scenes are attempting to undermine, discredit, or if they can’t impeach him, probably develop a plan to slay him, when they produced this video…


And of course #Pizzagate is just another FAKE News story…

Err.. Maybe.

And of course, it was Trump and those Russian hackers who stole the election… Except it wasn’t…


BUT, at least Trump is fighting back, and so are the Americans…

Those evil Bankers, Oil-men, Military Corporate CEOs and multi-million share-holders, and those working for them in the secretive security organisations – all 16 of them, are now going to have their teeth pulled as the fight-back begins…As Ron Paul, that arch-enemy of the Federal Reserve has already had his £0.02 worth..

So, if you’re in the markets, now might be prudent to lower your risk somewhat… Events have a habit of coming out of the blue, and given recent rises to bubble territory… and Cliff High’s, Jim Rickards’ and Bill Bonner’s and JIm Willie’s and Peter Schiff’s, David Morgan’s and Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s warnings a pull-back is long overdue.


This is an important adjunct to the above piece, as events come into focus:

The 15th March (Ides) is the day that Netherlands goes to the polls to elect a new leader. One in which the populist Geert Wilders is steadily making progress in the polls and is looking increasingly likely to win. BUT as Turkey and the Dutch go head to head over the latest political intrigue, will this mean Wilders gets more of the sympathetic vote, against the population concerned about the (as they see it) invasion of Islamists guaranteeing him the  vote?

The second concerning thing is the reaching of the $20 Trillion debt ceiling in the U.S. on that date, while also the Federal Reserve on that day too will decide whether to raise interest rates for just the 3rd time in 10 years.

And, in the UK, after the House of Commons rejected the amendment voted for by the House of Lords, this frees the PM’s hands to announce the formal Brexit process.

And finally, Clif High – researcher, has been announcing over the last two months that March onwards is likely to be tumultuous, and after all that, I found this…(below)

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time, will know my feelings on Precious metals, and this just threw petrol on the bonfire.





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