How the West was Won…

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(Pssst… How it was REALLY won.) 2014-TCB-Cover

This piece is an introduction to the truth, from a string of extracts culled from the book here. In editing, 4 new chapters were added to bring it up-to-date.

The Coming Battle 2014.

The original book was found almost 100 years after the foundation of the Federal Reserve, but it was written during the time when these people, whose names are spoken of in hushed tones,  enemies to the nation state were planning their global domination.
The Wars between the States, the Wars between Nations, the Wars in Continents, and the Wars in the Regions, ALL were used to in-debt nations, and to enrich those who really rule the  world, like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, from behind the curtain.

In fact, the whole film and the book on which it was based was an allegory. A tale to get
across the key tenets of how we were duped, by charlatans, and wizards of finance.

In the original tale, Dorothy’s slippers were silver, and the Yellow Brick road, was essentially a tale about Gold Bricks, that lead to the wizards.  (and your own freedom.)

Those same wizards who buy politicians, and fund anti-Brexit protests, and other Open Society interests, such as in Ukraine, that serve the bankers, who have their own financial and geo-political interests at heart.

Those details were hidden when the film was made, and it has enraptured audiences over the decades, but few realise the truth behind the facade.

The Bankers who have pulled the strings from behind the curtain for centuries, are finally being exposed.  The curtain has finally been pulled back.

The Coming Battle, is both history, and prophesy, because if we fail this time, we are lost.

From the book: pp51…(Chapter 2)

The bankers thus succeeded in limiting the legal tender power of the Treasury note, or as it is commonly called, the greenback, and from this time on, the bankers, brokers and speculators have, with few exceptions, dictated the financial legislation in the United States.

This amendment, by which the debt paying power of the Treasury note was restricted within such narrow limits, was a most dishonest act on the part of the government.

It drew distinctions between the various kinds of money issued by the United States. It made the bankers and bond holders a privileged class, and it inflicted a wound upon the nation from which it has not yet recovered. [Ed: As of the writing: 1898/9]

It made gold and silver coin the money of the privileged classes, who composed that
traitorous element so justly denounced by Jefferson.

By force of this amendment, coin went to a premium, thereby greatly enhancing the wealth of the bankers and bullion brokers.

It laid the foundation of a stupendous public debt, which the holders thereof would strive to perpetuate by every means in their power, and it was the first step to fasten on the people the most powerful and merciless tyranny that ever cursed a free people – the centralized money power known as the national banking system

The bill, as amended, became a law on July 11, 1862, and, from that time, began the
depreciation of the greenback currency.

From the above, we can see just how long this Battle has been waging.

It continues:

From pp 85 (Chapter 2)

It was a Government of national banks, for the national banks, and by the national banks. Provision was made for the issue of bonds to obtain gold to redeem these legal tenders, and this was a part of the scheme to perpetuate the national debt, and as Jefferson said:

“To swindle futurity on a large scale.”

At the time of the passage of the laws upon which comment is made, General Grant was President of the United States.

Note: Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant; April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) was the 18th president of the United States from 1869 to 1877.

So we can see, the desire to control the Nations of the World under a Central Banking system.  And this is why, wars in the middle-east were funded, it is why Wars in the Middle-East were fomented, and the starting pistol was the 9/11 incident, which was known about (albeit not the detail) many months before.

You are probably thinking this is some kind of “Conspiracy Theory”, and I wouldn’t blame you, but in an interview between Alex Jones, and Movie Producer “Aaron Russo” who made several films, including: “Trading Places” featuring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd; a documentary called “Freedom to Fascism” about America’s fall from its Republican roots, they talked about it, as well as other events.

That, is the REAL reason the Democrats want the Open Door policy on the US’s southern borders, because when you want to change society,  bringing in people, who don’t assimilate and meld into the culture, you create a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world, you can then manipulate, one group against another, and create the carnage, that the bankers can then take advantage of, and then ride in like the Knights on White Horseback to provide a solution.

And their global aims?

Every Nation who doesn’t have a Central Bank (North Korea, Syria, Iran, Ukraine) controlled by the Global Banking Cabal, will have one. So that, like America, Britain, Europe, Australasia, and even most of Asia, they can control the finances, enriching themselves beyond the dreams of avarice like King Solomon, and achieve that in their sociopathic wet-dreams of Total Global Governance – just as James Warburg, of the Warburg Banking Dynasty was quoted as predicting in one of my previous pieces.

The 45th President of the U.S., together with patriots, are attempting to stop and overturn their attempts. This is his, and our attempt, to save the world and why those in the pay or  who are in hock with, are trying so desperately to overturn his presidency..

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