The Fall of King Dollar…[Part 1]

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Falling Dollars

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

– George Orwell.

No-one can say for sure, exactly when an Empire begins its death spiral, though historians can and do, make various comments as to the potential causes. But, one empire has much to teach us about the decline of the West – the Roman Empire. (Stay with me…)

In terms of the Roman Empire, which lasted over five hundred years, at its height, it spanned from Hadrian’s Wall, Scotland in Northern Britain, through western Europe to the Sahara Desert in the south, and to Iraq and the old Persian empire in the east; and which has been studied more than most, and is therefore a good place to start.

So, we can use that to inform us, and we can use that knowledge to empower us.

The old saw goes… The truth can set you free… but only IF you act on it…

So why does it matter to us? Well, It does, and I will (I hope) prove it.

The Roman Empire essentially began Western Civilisation, and much of our legal system began based on Roman (and Canon) Law. As someone who used to teach Business Law, it began my own wider education but we can also use this knowledge for emancipation.

Many theories have been advanced for the fall of the Roman Empire, but none of them stand up to close scrutiny. Those theories advocated, have been such as: the fall was due to Hedonism and their sexual proclivities, lead in the water from their pipes, or the glaze in their cooking pots; attempting to spread into Africa, which gave many of them Malaria and other tropical diseases; embracing Christianity, and even a pre-occupation with the afterlife. All have been advanced as possible reasons.

Though there may be some validity to these as contributory reasons, I believe it is not the whole story. They, like wet-pavements, overcoats and open umbrellas, are not the cause of the rain, they are merely the symptoms of it.

But in order to really understand it we need to put aside political correctness, and open our minds to potential realities. Those who advocate “Political Correctness” are merely attempting to define the range of the debate, and restrict the train of thought, to exclude the critical and analytical thinking that might curb state power, but free thought and expression is required to provide meaningful solutions.

When the Roman Republic had been in evidence for more than five hundred years, the “Republic” was converted by Augustus Ceasar, who took power in 27 BC, to a true Empire in about 14 B.C. saying: “I am maintaining the Republic”…Like many politicians, who want to extol their virtues and supposed influence.

The Roman Army, obviously conquered a land, or nation, but didn’t leave all the troops there to maintain it. What they did was to build brick factories, tile factories, provide infrastructure in the shape of running water via aqueducts, and paved roads, Of course the Empire was vulnerable to attack, particularly on its north-eastern border along the Danube and Rhine lands, by invading Goths and Vandals, but most people tolerated the army, because of the improvements to their lives and living standards.

These barbarians however, coveted the wealth of the Empire, even though many lived alongside it, taking advantage of the stability, that the empire provided, and trading with the empire, there were many who wanted to get in. The Germanic Tribes particularly the Goths simply wanted “A better life.” There were many of them, and at first, they did not seem to pose an immediate threat.

So some emperors invited people in (like the Barbars), But many wanted to get in, to take advantage of the wealth, though not necessarily to assimilate and to take on the values that allowed the creation of that wealth, so they never integrated, and retained their original culture. (Sound familiar?)

The Roman state, according to Servius Tullius, was largely succesful, because of the character of the men – the heroes. Until the people who became citizens were given status, the character and the culture, were one of service, and honour. sharing arduous tasks, and fighting and training valiantly. And taxes, had been as little as two per-cent to pay for it all.

But the situation changed because the state needed more taxpayers becaue it needed more soldiers, and people to maintain the empire, as it grew, and the state which had access to the grain in the bread-basket of Rome – Egypt, began giving grain to its citizens – in the now infamous cry of “Bread and Circuses”. (Social Welfare and Reality TV Anyone?)

So, in terms of the Roman Empire, what WAS the key driver of its downfall?

The Romans, encompassed a huge geographical area. They were attacked in the North, by the Goths, and the Vandals (collectively termed “Barbarians” or “Barbars”), because the Romans didn’t understand the language of these people, and it just sounded like they were saying “Bah Bah Bah”.

But the real rot set in, when they began devaluing their currency. During the ‘Classical’ Roman ‘golden age’, the ‘aureus’, ‘denarius’, and ‘as’ were issued in gold, silver, and bronze/copper respectively (rather like British currency of Gold, Silver and Copper of pre-decimalisation coinage). The ‘as’ went from bronze to copper during Augustus’ reign around 23BC

There was the aureus, which the wealthy used, and 1 aureus equalled 25 denarius, which had been almost pure silver. But as time progressed, like Gresham’s Law, people hoarded the old purer denarius coins, and spent the newer less pure ones. And this continued, until the silver content was circa 2%, and almost worthless. The Emperor, needed to pay more soldiers as the size of the empire grew, and this required more money to pay the army.

At the time the sestercius (roughly 1/4th of a denarius) was the smallest coin, and over time, the roman soldier’s pay went from about 1/3 denarius a day to 1200 sesterces a year, – 300 denarii a year, a little less than one a day. All because of the devaluation of the money, and the expansion of the currency by reducing the silver content – WE see this in modern banking, when the economists call for a circa 2% inflation rate, as this reduces the value of your savings, and forces you to enrich the bankers, who can always isolate themselves from the effects.

– As Sir Josiah Stamp – Former Director of the Bank of England said,

“The bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. However, take away from them the power to create money, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.”

To solve the problem, the solution is given here…

The Fall of King Dollar…[Part 2]

So, what are the driving forces forcing the demise…Well, let’s start at the beginning. The Dollar strength took off, when the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs – Henry Kissinger, convinced King Faisal of the Saudi Kingdom to price oil, in dollars – the deal to protect the House of Saud, in return for a dollar hegemony. The world needed oil, and to buy oil, they now needed dollars. Demand for dollars therefore took off, and that gave the U.S. economy, the financial muscle to take on the Soviet Empire, put the best funded military into 147 different countries, pay for the space race, fund the stealth technology in military aircraft, and develop computer chips that went from several thousand ICs (Integrated Circuits) on an Intel Chip, in 1974, when they developed the 4004 Chip, that went into early calculators.

This was so-called because the chip had 4,004 Integrated Circuits. The, latest chips now have upto several hundred thousand million ICs, that are in the latest quad-core, octa-core, and hexa-core behemoths that we see in everyday smartphones of today.

Almost every nation therefore holds its currency reserves in Dollars. However, the BRICS nations are in the process of de-dollarisation. As part of that process, the Russians and Chinese have been developing parallel systems. the World Bank has been replicated

At the same time that technology is experiencing “exponential growth”… the costs of many of these advanced technologies are plummeting… For example, in 1996, the $55 million ASCI Red Supercomputer was the first computer to reach the speed of 1 Teraflop. It occupied a warehouse almost the size of a tennis court. In 2014, Sony released its PlayStation 4 video game console. It has almost twice the computational power as ASCI Red… and it costs 1/100,000th the price. At just $400.

And that technological growth is going to kill the oil industry’s dominance of the planet, and perhaps the Banker’s power too, (until perhaps the SDR becomes the world trade currency) by ushering in a new industry of battery-powered self-driving vehicles, digitally controlled by low power devices, and drive immense technological shifts – to driverless battery-powered taxi-cars, that will patrol the streets like a cougar hunting its prey.

Your smartphone will be able to use the Uber smart app, to call up the nearest one, and take you to your destination for almost the price of a postage stamp, and these vehicles will be powered using Lithium-ion batteries, and capaictors that charge from totally flat to fully charged in 15minutes or less… time enough for you to stop in a gas-station and have a quick coffee, on your drive from the East-Coast, to the West-coast…And of course, there’s Tesla’s. Elon Musk’s vision of the future motoring. According to the latest reports, Tesla has taken millions in deposits for its latest model 3, and has $14 billion in enterprise value. Of course, if the vehicle is not yours, you won’t need to pay car-tax, insurance, or petroleum tax… So, what are they going to use for revenue?

The rise of these super technologies, will totally kill the gas guzzling behemoths, and the oil industry giants unless they adapt – and FAST, but will also throw up some excellent investment opportunities.

Ford is investing $1 Billion, over the next five years in the technology, while Honda is building a self-driving engine. Apple is secretly building its own vehicle – the “i-Car?” and Volvo is in the process of testing in two pilot programmes, while several other industry tech-giants – Uber, Samsung, Google, Facebook and Amazon are all betting big on this latest innovation.

We are probably less than 5 years away from the dawn of this technology, and less than 15 years since the future will be battery powered. In 1901, New York city streets rang to the sound of hooves as every vehicle was drawn by a horse. Just 12 years later, a similar shot would show not one horse on the city’s streets. that’s how quick the change happened, and that came about because of a massive oil-well drilled in Texas in 1901. Spindletop produced initially at 100,000 barrels per day, before falling away to 10,000 bpd, 4 years later, but hundreds more were drilled creating the conditions for the boom that ushered in the motor-age.

But the boom, like all booms was a precursor to a bust. By 1907, an earthquake in San Fransisco caused massive destruction in the city. On April 18th at a little after 5am, the quake at 7.8 on the Richter scale almost totally demolished the city, and the insurance market suffered massive losses draining liquidity from markets.

Will the hurricanes in the Caribbean in recent days have the same outcome?

Hurricanes Irma, and José, may be just the calamity, that finally breaks the back of the American Dream. As the U.S. government’s debt ceiling is raised beyond the $20trillion set last year. Hurricanes Harvey and the rest may take capital away from other projects. The people of southern US states, may have the largest clean up bill since that devastation in 1907, when the San Francisco earthquake precipitated the financial crisis, in 1908 and which ultimately led to the creation of the Federal Reserve, the 16th amendment, and the imposition of National Income Tax in 1913, which some say was not legislated for correctly, and thus is not a legal requirment, but the IRS may beg to differ, and act accordingly.

But that is not the only problem… In 1999, the Department of Defence, had $1.1 TRILLION of undocumented adjustments, and in the following year, 2000 they had $2.3 Trillion according to Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary for Housing and Urban Development (commonly known as HUD). On the 10th September 2001, Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense, announced that there was $2.3 Trillion of missing transactions…  According to some reports, I’ve heard, some of the documents for those missing Trillions, were in building 7 of the World Trade Centre whose free-fall collapse on 9/11 which disappeared when it came down, and some claim was an attempt to hide the evidence of gross financial misappropriation… But, we all know what heppened next….

You can see the big picture here…When, Aaron Russo, tells a few home truths about how America is REALLY run in his film – From Freedom to Fascism

In it he explains how Americans are governed, how the law is flouted, how tax laws are imposed in contravention of the constitution, and the end goal for this cabal of banker elite. And you can read the full unexpurgated story into how we in the West, descended into serfdom here —>>. The Coming Battle

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