A Black Day in Caucasia

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Anyone who watched the news in the last few days, can’t help but have heard about events in America, and the rallies that resulted in fights, and even 3 deaths in Charlotsville, Virginia, U.S. of A.

Those news reports on mainstream media though, as can often happen in the heat of battle, are not entirely accurate, and can paint a distorted view, based on incomplete evidence.

That’s why we long ago, in the West realised that the judicial system is the place where we should take accusations, investigate those, and present all the evidence to reach a balanced conclusion – Guilt or Innocence.

The lynchmob was outlawed by this, and we promoted the “Rule of Law” as a way to ensure we each – whether high or low born – got the justice that supposedly ensured that we could face our accusers, and only if there was the evidence to support those accusations, which ran contra to the laws that, ‘WE the people’, wished to be enacted, were found guilty.

Today’s 24hour News channels, and the now hundreds if not thousands of “Citizen Journalists” don’t have the luxury of having time to research the situation, gather all the evidence and reach a balanced view to present to the public. So, we the public are galvanised into taking actions (perhaps sometimes inadvisedly) when we are outraged by the video or written evidence before us. We see a distorted incomplete view of things. Charles Mackay wrote of this herd mentaility when he wrote “Extraordinary Popular Delusions, and the Madness of Crowds” over 100 years ago, and should be read by anyone who wants to understand how we people function and how we are influenced.

But, we also need to not forget the lessons of history. It is probably (I’m tempted to think of the Heineken adverts here) a truth that within 2 generations, the cultural heritage of the West will be gone, unless we defend and strengthen it. The culture of Greek, and Roman Law, the Renaissance, that encouraged discourse, and critical thinking; the Reformation, that took the religious tenets and put those under the microscope, and in so doing sponsored the industrial revolution that the printing press and machinery gave us. The growth of which ultimately led to democratisation, and changes in social and political views as we argued our way to a future where we thought we were all equal, and we could criticise those with power over us, and challenge them.

A continent where we put in place social systems that ensured we all shared in the increasing wealth that ensured ME, a working class lad from a mining village could enjoy the fruits of a brick built house, with double-glazed windows, central heating, refrigerator, freezer, fresh food from around the world, a car and television that both educated and informed me, and live in a luxury that was reserved for Kings, just a 100 years before.

In my ideological youth, when John Lennon sang: “Imagine there’s no country, nothing to live or die for, and no religion too” he was idealising, and I supported him. But in a world with shared cultural values, where people tolerated other’s views that was hope, but the left seized upon that to diminish national identities, and to use it to promote the “Globalists” agenda.  Is that possible? Especially, when one religion seeks to impose its cultural values on the rest of the 6+ Billion people who are not of that faith, and whose faiths also bear respect too?

The white liberal left and the ethnics, who have historically suffered, appear to want the destruction of the White European culture, that they inherited after two millennia of struggle in the cause of idealised egalitarianism, and failed to recognise, partly I suspect through ideology, and partly through ignorance, the threat to that culture that exists from a small but growing proportion of the population, who in their collective ignorance are using a book, and views that were outdated 1400 years ago.TheSwordAndTheBook

The consequences of which will bring about the total destruction of all that our forefathers worked for – tolerance, equality of opinion, faith and economic prosperity. Those nations that have followed the faith, have endured unending war, and poor growth prospects, at a time of rapid population growth – 8 Billion by 2025-2030, 9 Billion by 2050, and 10 Billion long before the end of the century.

A segment of the population whose only answer to their plight is to look to the heavens is destined for penury. We humans have applied our minds to numerous solutions, some have proved over the fullness of time, and constant re-assessment, to be the best solution. some political and social systems have flaws, we accept those, but if you cannot apply a critical mind, but only a narrowly focussed one (He said we should do this) – HE being whichever God, or Prophet you choose – then we as a species, and Whites of European extraction from the Caucasus in the East, to the Pyrenees in the West, to the Arctic Ocean in the North, will be eliminated, and that will be the poorer for the whole world.

WE who shrugged off our Feifdom overlords, shrugged off our religious domgatists, and fought the Industrialists, Socialists and Fascists, will now in the ideology of egalitarianism, kill the VERY thing that gave us our rich lives. It will be a sad, SAD day.