The Technology Killers

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Most of the governments of the world, from the U.S., to Britain, to Europe, to India, to Japan, and beyond are controlled by the Central Bankers – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, J.P.Morgan et-al, and the people behind them – the IMF, the Central Bank’s, Central Bank – the BIS and the World Bank.

Standing behind the Banking industry is the biggest industry on the planet – Big Energy – Oil and Gas. The Seven sisters, as they are known, are the national oil corporations from Holland, UK, France, Italy, and America: Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Total, ENI, Chevron and Exxon-Mobil.

In recent decades, several others from China, Russia, Kuwait, and Saudi-Arabia, have also joined these behemoths, the top few of which have annual revenues, the size of Britain’s GDP.

The Central Bankers, in particular – the Fed, also control the stock-markets, via control of the input values that stock watchers use, in their now electronic trading games, which are now so powerful, they allegedly control 90% of trading activity on the New York Stock Exchange (See: “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis)

These massive currency flows also help control currency markets, and the Fed’s Trading Desk, manages the price of Gold (and silver) via its minions – the big bullon banks, as often spoken about by Max Keiser on his show on RT – “The Keiser Report”. Gold and silver, is seen by the wider financial community as the thermostat on the financial system – its the release valve if you will. But the bankers and the politicians, they fund, don’t want you to know, when the pot is boiling, and about to blow its top, so they try to control it, they want to keep you inside the fence, so that you’ll do what they need you to do. Go to work, make money (for someone else) pay your taxes, don’t think too much, and don’t upset the existing system – The Status Quo.

Once every five years, or sometimes more often, they allow us to vote in the election of the Head of the Corporate PR department – the Government. And just to ensure you choose the appropriate candidate – the Blue Candidate, or the Red candidate, they control the information you get to see, so you won’t stray too far from the corral, by buying up the news media corporations, and restricting access to anything that criticises the existing way of doing things….

When the economic thermostat reads too hot, the release valve on the system blows its top, and the system cools down again (that’s just how economies are) – Josef Schumpeter, called it “Creative Destruction”, but nobody wants a cool down (a depression) on their watch, so politicians intervene, and in so doing make matters worse. Delaying the inevitable, we end up with mis-directed capital, and industries that should be shrinking in a controlled way, but get propped up, even as new technologies are being devised to solve problems that the many can see, but the few don’t want to give up control of and threaten their economic empires.

In that regard, Jeremy Corbyn is right… WE need an economy for the many, not the few. The problem is, I suspect Mr Corbyn and his Associates are like ALL politicians, they think they know better than the market. They meddle with the inputs, they distort. They seek to get the outcomes they want. They interfere until the results are what they want. The market though, is always seeking fair value, always seeking to make the most from the least. Always looking to solve a problem for somebody else, to make a fast buck (or a pound).

The motor industry, emerged to solve the transport needs of the world, and the in-line four, petroleum powered engine and the Wankel Engine, and the Deisel engine, the V6, V8, V12, are all variants on a theme. They draw in a fuel air mixture, compress it, ignite it, and the resulting explosion through the engine and transmission systems, drives the car forward. The Electric vehicles of recent years use electric motors, to drive the wheels, and you have to store enormous batteries made of lightweight materials – Lithium, the lightest of all metals to store the energy, and Graphite a lightweight conductive material, and soon to be made into Graphene to transfer that power with minimal loss to where it needs to be used. But, the industries behind these two technologies have grown into huge vertically integrated industries, that yield so much financial muscle, they control governments, even whole continenets.

However, who funds the Big Oil capital requirements? The answer: “The Bankers” – it’s a symbiotic relationship… Where one goes, so goes the other. The Big 6 Banks of America, provide huge capital injections especially for the fracking industry, who need huge amounts of capital, to fund exploration, and drilling operations. They also supply the billions, needed to drive technological innovation, and to drill hundreds of wells, that have driven down the oil-price, and used to make high-cost producers leave the industry, or to over-supply, leaving the lost cost producers to benefit. It also deprives governments of the revenue, that the American elite might view as hostile, that they depend on to make hostile behavoiur against the U.S. – Think of organisations such as: IS, Al-Qaeda, and nations such as Iran, Syria, China and Russia, and the other terrorist and similar organisations, but who controls the Bankers?

The Bankers, especially at times of crisis, depend on liquidity, which in the 2008 crisis, came (at least in the U.S.) from the U.S. Treasury. The stories of senior banking figures literally begging the Treasury for funds, are legend, and was highly instrumental in saving the failing U.S. banking system, which ricocheted around the world when $500million was attempted to be withdrawn from the system in a two hour window. The Banking system, was just hours away from total collapse, so the story goes…

So, the Bankers, the Oil Men, and their money, hold the American state hostage to their fortunes. And because the oil men fund the politicians, and through their taxes, the state, they demand obedience, or else… The three major intelligence services of the U.S. oil state – the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI are allegedly partially funded by funds collected from the sale of Heroin, grown in Afghanistan, and sold on U.S. markets, and this is also used to fund “Black Projects”. These black projects are used in military spending for funding, and control of other nations by financial means, (See the book: “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”) and the development of military hardware, that the deep state wants to keep secret from the people (including reverse engineering of alien technology but that’s another matter).

Of course, these intelligence services share data, to control those who might oppose their actions. In effect these organisations behave like private armies and security services for these huge corporations.

Of course this drives governments to monitor and attempt to control their populations too… (witness this: )

Tesla Motors, and Elon Musk’s billions, may provide a future where oil is less in need, but for the moment, the oilmen’s influence is still the primary driver of economic activity, with drillers, explorers, refineries, truckers, railmen, and rail manufacturers, pipeline manufacturers, engineering companies making valves, valve-controls, pressure guages and regulators, catalysts, and of course vehicle manufacturers who build oil burning engines, whether petroleum or diesel type as well as the thousands of retailers who own petrol stations, and sell all kinds of merchandise to repair and maintain those vehicles.. So you can see, much depends on the energy of oil, and these corporations, and the governments they fund, really don’t want to change that.

So, of course, the oil industry influences politics and the intelligence services in many ways. The middle-east still largely earns its crust from the energy products it sells to the world. And both Iran and Saudi-Arabia view each other across the Persian or Arabian Gulf with distrust.

In the Anglo-American world, politicians still visit the middle-east to sell them arms to inflict damage on some of their Arabian neighbours…And I while hear that Yemen is approaching famine proportions, few among the west appear to want to raise that as an issue in western media outlets… Is that for a reason? Is the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) looking to reduce the muslim population of the world, by fair means or fowl?

It’s all about the oil, silly…

The unrest in the middle-east, drives up oil prices in the futures market, and even Iran, and Saudi-Arabia require high oil prices, as they both have increasing budget defecits and rising populations, who are now demanding western level lifestyles.

Twenty years ago, I learned of a man who developed a new form of carburation that tranformed the petrol engine. It essentially fracked the petroleum liquid, into a fuel vapour, instead of a mist. This vapour would burn far more ferociously, and easily giving circa 300% increase in power, increasing miles per gallon, from the high twenties to 75-125 mpg, for a big American Motor. The Fuel Implosion Vaporisation System (FIVS™) was eventually patented, and the patented process made freely available on-line, but when he first attempted to do so, that’s when this man’s life fell apart, as Federal Agents, and even the Sherriffs department, began making this man’s life a misery, even making him spend time behind bars on trumped up charges…

Allen Caggiano, was a HVAC engineer, (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) who while cleaning some equipment, accidentally stumbled on a way to improve fuel efficiency. He naively thought that because at the time, the U.S. had just been through the oil crisis, he would be welcomed with open arms and make a fortune. What he didn’t reckon on, was the deep state using everything it could, to bury his invention, and if necessary – HIM. He ended his days a broken man in a wheelchair as several attempts on his life made him realise what was at stake.

But what if all the above wasn’t necessary, because we can use one of the most abundant materials on the planet? What if we could run our cars on water? Or what if we could even make our traditional petrol engines run on water?

Remember, don’t affect the profits of the oil men…It could kill you…

Hydrogen Technologies – HHO- – What happened to this invention?

And Who Killed This Inventor – Bruce E. De Palma? – and who ruined Nikola Tesla?

The Disruptive Future…

Most people will have heard of A.I., and even Virtual Reality (VR), or its sibling – Augmented Reality (AR). Many might have heard of the new era of Robotics about to sweep industry and commerce, and a few will have heard of Spintronics, and Graphene, and America will be at the forefront of them all. But none of them is this disruptive technology, that we are discussing.

And we have to ask… Who is behind this? …and What have they got to gain…and who will lose?

America’s new President – President Trump has promised to sweep away dozens of regulations, even coming away from the Paris Accord to International approbium. But even without Trump’s agreement, this technology will disrupt hundreds of industries and businesses.

By now you might be wondering, if this disruptive technology is the reason for Trump’s Travails. But, as they used to say in “Yes Minister”… “I couldn’t possibly comment.”.

Of course, you might think that given the last few months, in which President Trump has been accused of so many things, All of which have had not a shred of hard evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt, that he has done anything wrong. But, mud sticks, as anyone will tell you, and if enough mud is thrown, some of it will stain.

But his desire to repeal decades of government policies, to re-import jobs that have been driven overseas by extensive legislation, to halt the over-regulation that has strangled economic growth, is not going to be the main driver of this disruption.

And for those who spot the changes early, and who act on it, some estimate, it could increase their investment tenfold. Which is great, but according to some predictions by industry experts, the gains could be even bigger.

They estimate this technology’s value is set to grow from as little as $210 million to as high as $20 billion in just a few short years.

That’s a 100 fold bigger than it is today…

Which means if you get in on the ground floor, you’ll have the opportunity to turn every $1,000 invested into $100,000…

Every $5,000 into $500,000. Every $10,000 into $1 million!

And even starting out with a modest $100, that could become $10,000 – giving you enough to put a deposit down on a house, or buy a run around for one of the kids, or take two of you on that round the world cruise, you’ve always promised yourselves…

Of course, the socially left-leaning media barons, and those who run the Oil and Banking industries don’t want you to hear about this revolutionary story, at least not yet, but I feel you NEED to hear about it and what it could mean for your investments, because it could have profound implications for the way the world does business, and who benefits – Qui Bono.

As important as that is, and what the future holds for Britain, and America, this is going to be far more disruptive, and will be remembered long after Prime Minister Theresa May, and President Trump have left office – whether that is as a result of his impeachment, his replacement by the next incumbent, or his demise at the receiving end of an assassin’s bullet.

What is being poposed will disrupt everything. And is far more important than Obamacare and deregulation. It’s a plan that could end the Federal Reserve’s power over the US dollar…

In fact, an ex-Federal Reserve banker admitted it could break the relationship between the Fed and the dollar FOREVER.

Trump hasn’t gone public with this plan just yet… but information hidden in plain sight, from senior-level advisors, shows that there is a lot of interest and even excitement about this plan, and even Reuters has stated that there are “a number of enthusiasts” for this tech in the president’s inner circle.

Including: Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor and friend of Steve Jobs, who has suggested this new technology could become “a threat to fiat money.”

J. Christopher Giancarlo – Trump’s head of the CFTC (Commodities, Futures and Trading Commission) – has said that this technology “will have profound implications for global financial markets” and could “revolutionize the world of finance.”

And Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s budget director recently said: “ [it], has the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry and the U.S. economy.

So maybe you’re thiking this incredible story is about Bitcoin?

Well, I’m here to tell you at the outset – “It’s Not!”

And it isn’t about that funny money that Jim Rickards has talked about as the thing that will replace the dollar, and thus shake the foundations of the monetary system – the SDR. Nor any other system that has been discussed at length – The Gold Standard, Hard Money or Bitgold – though the latter is closer to the truth than the former.

A technology, that could disrupt those two behemoths Oil, and Banking… And a technology that could disrupt the Military Industrial Complex, and its power to influence, and the heroin crop growers – growing poppies in Afghanistan? But also the Legal Profession, Accounting profession and many others may be disrupted,

This technology has the potential to create untold wealth for those who get in early? And what if in doing so it took away the control by America’s Puppetmasters – The Fed?

So, who is behind it?

The President of America – one Donald J Trump, is behind it…

What will the deep state do to him now?

According to one little-known report by Fidelity Investments… this technology could be unleashed by as early as January 2018. And when it takes off, it’s going to create numerous millionaires, almost overnight.

A study by Juniper Research has found that more than $290 million in venture capital was invested in the technology in just the first six months of 2016. And billions more are expected…which means in fact, this tiny industry being created around this plan could grow a hundred fold.

While everyday Brits and Americans are in the dark, the big banks are already preparing for this new financial system

As someone from CNBC said, “The bottom line is that big banks see big potential” in this new system.
And according to sources on Wall Street – Bank of America has quietly filed 35 patents related to this new revolutionary financial system…Also an 88-page Goldman Sachs research project found that this new system “can change… well, everything.”

On top of which, 13 banks have joined a coalition led by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse and Barclays designed to transition them into this new financial system in the next year…

Former banker Blythe Masters who had been called “one of the most powerful women on Wall Street” – quit her seven-figure job to work on this development. She told investors recently: “You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the internet in the early 1990s. It’s analogous to email for money.”

No wonder Wall Street has been pouring money into the companies involved in this breakthrough…

According to an influential economist, Dr. Hernando de Soto, the ability of this technology to record, protect and transfer wealth has huge implications…And De Soto is not some crackpot evangelist… he was named by Forbes Magazine, as one of 15 innovators who will “reinvent your future.” He says, this new financial system could cause an explosion of wealth generation around the world — creating as much as $20 trillion in new wealth. Given that the world economy is currently circa $60 Trillion, that’s an explosion of one third of world GDP.

Given how lack-lustre the world economy has been these last fifteen years, that’s ENORMOUS.

But some industries, that rely on money siphoned off from the taxation system, and dubious currency flows from illegal activites, that get cut off, could spell the end of the secrecy for America’s and Britain’s Military Industrial Complex and the Black Projects, that the Deep State have pursued for decades… ever since the Roswell controversy first launched the Integrated Cicuit onto an unsuspecting world, which would usher in the micro-computer, the smartphone, and the Space Programme in 1947.

Is this the REAL reason the Deep State wants to bring Trump down?

The current financial system, controlled as it is by the Federal Reserve, which was set up as the government went home for Christmas in 1913, when it was slid onto the statute books on December 23rd, has been involved in all the major crises of the last 103 years…

Even the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, admitted in 2002, that the 1930s depression was caused by the Fed. And presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul, also blamed the Fed, saying that every economic downturn suffered by the country in the last 80 years can be traced back to Federal Reserve policy. Of course the “Credit Crunch” of 2008, is also one for their gifts to the world of economics.

And no president in over 100 years, has been able to stop this financial machine, that earns for its owners 6% annually, on the crushing debt that has accumulated in the U.S. Six per-cent of $20TRILLION… $120 BILLION and rising…in just interest payments from the tax-payers of the U.S. alone. Enough to build a railroad from New York to Washington D.C.

Yet this technology is in its infancy. This technology is about to hit the mainstream media.

2016 was a year of ‘proofs of concept’; 2017 is much more likely to be a year of implementations,” said Keith Bear, one of IBM’s Global Section Heads.

“2016 was a coming-out party of sorts,” said industry expert and author Alex Tapscott. “2017 will see the technology reach a certain level of critical mass of understanding.”

The Federal Reserve also published a paper last year that noted this technology is in the “early stage.”

So, is this the perfect time to get involved? A massive “YES”.

In the current financial world, it can take days for your cheque to clear, or your stock purchase to get finalized. Banks can charge 15% to 20% to move money from one country to another…on top of transaction fees, and service charges. Credit card companies can take 3% from merchants… and remittance companies like Western Union can take 20%!

That’s crazy in an era when you can send an email anywhere in the world in a split second. And given that increasingly money is merely digits on a computer ledger, why can’t money move as fast? Moving money has always been an expensive, clumsy and error-prone process, but not anymore…

With this new technology, value can be exchanged securely in seconds for virtually no cost.

This new financial system isn’t just a new way to move money around. That in itself wouldn’t be “revolutionary.

It’s so important that experts are calling this tech a “new layer of the Internet”. We already have an internet for information…and shortly the “Internet of Things”, which in itself is going to generate trillions in new wealth, but this disruptive technology is a second layer and is being called the “internet of value.” This new layer is being powered by this revolutionary system I’ve been telling you about…

In case you haven’t already guessed it – this new technology is “The Blockchain”. And whilst this is what Bitcoin sits on, and this as I’ve already stated in a previous post could mean – Bitcoin could reach $1,000,000 each, this tech is going to totally change the world.

It’s a new kind of encryption that protects the value of a digital asset… and enables different computers to trust each other in a way that was impossible before. Having that “trust” enables a secure exchange of value.

Major Banks have begun experimenting with it… Citibank has created a crypto-currency called Citicoin that they’re testing internally. In an internal presentation, the company declared, “Due to the potential benefits, we believe adoption of the technology is inevitable.”

Goldman Sachs created one called SETLCoin, which it will use to trade securities. It also declared in a report that “the blockchain could disrupt everything.”

Bank of New York – BNY-Mellon, another major player in banking, created one called BKCoin. These massive banks are so excited about this new technology that their CEOs heads are exploding. “The blockchain is going to bring levels of efficiency to the financial markets that we’ve never seen before,” said NASDAQ CEO Bob Greifeld. “It could be as impactful as electronic trading was…” With this revolutionary technology, they will settle instantly.

And as we all know the old saying goes, “time is money.”

However, as someone who has some experience of crypto-coins, as the block-chain grows in size, under the current Bitcoin style system, latency gets longer before a transaction is confirmed.

And a failure of the network, which could jeopardize the integrity of the whole system would be catastrophic. As we saw with the British Airways system failure a little while ago, people get angry when they’re inconvenienced…
Imagine how they’d feel, if that failure cost them their fortune?

Thankfully, anyone who knows crypto-currency knows, that the entire blockchain, is stored on each node on the network. But what about when the blockchain grows to terrabytes or petabytes in size, or your machine fails because of age? These things need to be thought about in advance.

But all worries aside, some small companies involved in this revolutionary technology, will be able to offer ways to profit from it, but most of those don’t offer stocks. But as Reuters reported, thirty of the biggest finance and technology firms, are focussing their investment onto developing a single master block-chain. Whether people trust it enough to use it in place of existing blockchains – including Bitcoin is up for debate. But, the best part is most people don’t know you can buy into this master blockchain right now – today.

If you watch this episode of RT’s financial programme “Prime-Interest” of 22nd May 2013. The episode holds an interview, with the man behind this new blockchain system Chris Larsen CEO of OpenCoin Inc. (which was renamed – Ripple Labs, and subsequently just Ripple) after it was discovered there was a name clash with another digital payment system of the same name.

If Wikipedia is to be believed Ripple was fined by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) a bureau of the U.S. Department of Treasury under breaches of the Bank Secrecy Act, in 2015, which meant the corporation was brought under the control of the state as the company agreed to only transact XRP and “Ripple Trade” activity through registered money services businesses (MSB – Banks and the like), among other agreements such as enhancing the Ripple Protocol. The enhancement won’t change the protocol itself, but will instead add AML transaction monitoring to the network and improve transaction analysis. This AML (Anti-Money Laundering) transaction monitoring, suggests that the financial authorities, will be able to monitor (and thus control) EVERY transaction on the planet – IF it becomes uniformly used, giving enormous power to those in the upper echelons of the power elite.

Will this prove too much to bear by a population just waking up to being able to transact anonymously as with the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto-currencies. I suggest it will, but in the meantime, It might prove useful in creating some real wealth. That begs the question though, whether the state will then outlaw such anonymous, distributed, consumer led transactions as Bitcoin, and the other Alt-coin payments.

So in the meantime, it could be fun. Provided you sell and buy Precious metals and Bitcoins when you cash out (or if you trade them successfully)

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Further to this video, in the first week of June 2017, the price of BTC has been variously between $2,600 and $3,100…

The price has fallen back today, from its high, but as more and more fiat currency tries to rush for the exits, into Crypto, Gold and Silver, the prices of these metals and coins, will seem like a gift from heaven.

Good Luck

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