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I haven’t posted for some time, because to be honest, there was just so much absolutely awful news, it is difficult to know which of the dozens of major news items to include, but as the threads of information come in, the picture is clearing and coming into focus…

This, economic situation is now so overbought, that I feel the Big Drop, will occur sometime in the next 12 months, because the U.S. economy, is probably going to be propped up. The next President will be, Donald J Trump, and of course, Hilary, who was bought and paid for by the corporataucracy – Wall St., Major Banks, senior Political figures and the mainstream media.

Donald Trump, amid accusations of his improprieties from decades ago emerged triumphant despite the accusations. Yet Hilary Clinton committed treasonous fraud, and lied under pain of perjury after she deleted 31,000 e-mails on her private e-mail servers, that Wikileaks, has now posted some of, that PROVE (https://www.wikileaks.com/podesta-emails/) that she was bought and paid for, by Wall St., the major U.S. Banks, and the 6 media giants who control the message that goes out to the American public.

The consitution of America, was set up to protect the people from big government, from the surveillance state, to protect the individual, from an over-bearing and over-arching government. People claimed rights, to be free from interference, and control, and yet, the events of 9/11, which many now suspect was a false flag event, has been used to bring about the control, that those in power seek, and want more of.

Adding to the many amendments that have occurred since 9/11, which have stripped Americans of their rights, are the recent changes to the medical system in America (ObamaCare) which is moving the nation towards a European style medical system, that some say, was designed to fail, which will mean that it will be nationalised, and when it goes, there will be many on the inside, who make out like bandits…

But, here’s some other events that have happened recently – Germany’s largest Bank was threatened with a $14 Billion fine, for the manipulation of the Silver Market (They admitted this, and are co-operating with the investigators). This just so happens to be the same sum, that the EC imposed on Apple, for alleged infringements of European Trading rules. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIiJndrN1bU)

This, figure was apparently amended so that Deutsche Bank will not be forced into bankruptcy to just $38 million, but no senior bankers will do any jail-time, despite the manipulation costing everyday investors, tens of thousands, if not millions of Pounds, Euros, Dollars and many miners in poor African and South American nations of jobs to feed their families and raise kids.

The problem is, that it was agreed under EC rules, and enacted legislation, that in future, no banks would be “Bailed out” by the state, or in reality the Central Banking Authorities wouldn’t, but the Banks would have to issue bonds, which would in reality, be underwritten by the state. This also meant that depositors, became unsecured creditors, and their deposits sequestered if the bank failed – the so-called “Bail-in” option. Angela Merkel couldn’t let Deutsche Bank be bailed out, but also couldn’t allow the Bank to be Bailed in, because the bank is so big, and so highly leveraged, with a derivatives book, built on just a 0.3% capital base, that risked bringing about the demise of the German economy, and plunging the Euro-zone into a full blown crisis.

However, in recent days, Janet Yellen has also admitted that the actions of the last 8 years since the Lehman crisis, have not worked, and yet, the Q.E. that has created more and more asset bubbles, in property, and on Wall St., and it is rumoured, that through the Exchange Stabilization fund, (ESF) the Fed, has already, using dark pools, been buying the stock-market, to support the value of many of these assets.

This is moving the American state towards Corporate Fascism, so that those in power control the people, and those in the financial oligarchy benefit, as the wealth of the middle-class, will be transferred to those in this cadré of financially connected people. In a downturn, the ability to profit from rapid fall in prices, (that’s how George Soros, was able to make a billion when the pound crashed out of the ERM) means that the wealth of the majority in Pensions, Investment Trusts and savings for retirement, gets transferred to these power players on the inside.

In recent days moves have been vocalised, to create a universal basic income in the U.S., – this is the equivalent of Fascism, which history teaches us, is that this is so similar to Communism, to be almost indistinguishable from one another. The only difference will be whether you can elect a leader, or whether the corporations chose the leader… and Mrs Clinton, was their choice.

This is also precisely how Nazi (National Socialist) Adolf Hitler, took control of the German economy in 1932, and directed it, towards military spending to artificially create jobs, but this also meant taking resources from other parts of the economy, to prop up those who were closely connected to him. The growth in military spending over the 14 years he was there, meant the economy suffered, as people were forced into manufacturing military equipment, and thus away from goods and services that benefitted themselves. And once those military expenditures were made, it became obvious that they would be used militarily.

The rhetoric being waged against President Putin of Russia, who have had a long standing alliance with Syria, dating back to the time of the Soviet Union, in the early 1960s, has a naval base on the Mediterranean Sea there, and is proof that those who are propagandists for Mrs Clinton, have an agenda, that was not being discussed. The mainstream media channels, do little to show how those opposition forces have blocked egress to the 250,000 Syrians living in eastern Aleppo, by blocking the streets, and allowing no humanitarian aid in, while ISIL/Daesh, is lobbing RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) and mortars onto those of Western Aleppo – all which appears to be being supplied by Western supporters in Washington, who are ostensibly saying that they want to fight these opposition forces.

It also appears that when American forces attacked and killed the convoy of Syrian Troops (allegedly accidentally), the ISIL supporters appeared to have already been aware of this in advance, and simultaneously launched an attack, suggesting either prior information, or weak security over communications links.

These Islamic Militants, have a world view, that in America, would be challenged with the full force of the law and the increasingly militarized police forces that have been supplied with ex-military equipment, as if the police are being prepared for all-out unrest at home, amid rising disquiet from the public, about policing tactics.

So, why are these forces aligned against the Syrian Government? Why is the U.S. government so keen to ensure that the Syrian government falls, and the country descends into chaos, like the other multi-faith states of Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Afghanistan that have collapsed on the wake of western intervention? Is it to protect its major ally in the middle-east Israel? In recent years, Israel has been attacked on all sides by islamists protesting against the imposition of a jewish nation in their midst.

Israeli Oil and Gas industry was negligible ten plus years ago, but is now increasing as the Eastern Mediterranean is discoved to hold increasingly large amounts of gas and oil. Is the objective therefore to reduce these states to penury to create the conditions where the Oil majors can swoop in, “all in the cause of aid and inward investment – you understand” to buy up these assets while they are on the cheap, and to appoint puppet governments, and political systems supportive of the west?

As the rise in oil and Gas prices grew in the early 2000s, we saw that Russia was able to re-build its shattered economy, invest in new technology, and threaten the global hegemony of America, and its dollar control over the world of resources.

This obviously threatens the Neo-cons, who now control the so-called Deep State – a group of connected and powerful government insiders using their position in government departments and Corporate Headquarters, to enrich themselves, and press an agenda, that is skewed towards keeping America as the only super-power, while pushing the world towards a major World War, as they attempt to deny the rise of China, Russia, and to some extent India, with huge populations, increasing economic power, on the back of that increasing industrial and technological might. Witness that China now has its own Space Station, that 2 Chinese astronauts went to in recent weeks, and conducted experiments on silk worms while in the zero-gravity of space. This increasing confidence and ability obviously threatens the Americans who appear to be unwilling to give up their global leadership status without a fight – probably at the expense of its population.

This world view is based on the King Dollar, and the King dollar means suppression of alternatives such as precious metals, and other currencies. We saw that Libya was attacked because of Muammer El-Qaddaffi’s attempt to create a Golden Dinar, to circulate in North Africa especially for oil, while Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, began to sell oil for Euros in 1999, and plans were instigated as U.S. 4* General Wesley Clark, says in this widely reported interview that Washington had made the decision – “to take out 7 countries in 5 years”, and use the CIA created organisation – ISIS to destabilize these nations, so that the U.S. military can be called in.

And of course, those who promote war and financially back it such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers of this world, further enrich themselves as they fund both sides, and the expenses created on the back of them. But these countries also, it should be noted, do not have a Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

President elect, Donald Trump explained to the American public, why they should vote for him, and he summed it up in one objective sentence, saying: “The current system favours the insiders, and they want to keep it that way – Donald Trump has no special interests except the people of America.”, and if you think, that the institutes of government have only your interests at heart, then you need to see this video… if you have young kids. I urge you to resist the urge to go out and commit medicide… Most of the medical professionals along with the American public have been misled too…

So, if President Trump expands the government spending on infrastructure, when will this take effect? And who will benefit. Whatever your political persuasions, this opens up investment opportunities, and I will attempt to uncover those Corporations who will be on the receiving end of this largesse.

But, if this increased spending begins to create inflation pressures, will the Fed raise rates, or will they continue to inflate this bubble, until it POPS!

And when it does? You can bet that the rush for the exits, will mean people rush to the only asset class, that has no-one else holding the bag… GOLD; (and its baby brother – silver!)

And of course, the miners, that have already risen well into double, and in some cases triple figures this year, will explode, even as the recent gold price has pulled back from its 2016 rise, catching its second breath. But who is listening? Maybe these guys know who are?

Until next time.


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