How Britain shot America in the back…

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Some months ago, I speculated that the end of America as it currently stands was nigh, and that the trade deals being done between China and 27 other nations on mutual trade and currency which excluded the dollar would probably be the undoing of American hegemony, and the potential deal to sell oil from the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia, to China in Renminbi might be the shot heard around the world (link) stabbing at the heart of the American dollar system..

But, while America was facing the far-east, trying to watch what was happening in the South China Sea, with islands and atolls being beefed up with runways for the Chinese military, on the other side of the Atlantic, one of America’s staunchest allies – Great Britain, with its political establishment in London, by joining on December 3rd 2015 the AIIB, (The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) which was initiated by the BRICS nations, with Russia and China at its heart, and where China still has a majority holding, shot the U.S. in the back.

And those who oversaw this, are the same political party who offered the people of Britain a referendum on their membership of the EU, and the British people – fervently in favour of their independence – shot the Americans in the back a second time, despite the most dire warnings that they would suffer the consequences.

The BREXIT referendum was brought about because there were many in both major political parties frustrated by the increasingly powerless way they were unable to adapt the nation, and who were constantly informed by their respective constituents on their growing concern over the march of globalisation, and free movements of huge numbers of people. The conspiracy theorists, have speculated, that creating political instability in the middle-east, which was planned in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre, was in reality, a covert CIA False Flag event to provide the “Event, Reaction, Solution”, that people such as David Icke, Michael Ruppert and others have spoken of, and that may lead us back to the world as it was in 1930.

The events in Istanbul recently, with the loss of 40+ lives, coupled with events in: Mumbai, Paris, Morocco, Belgium, Madrid, and London, over the last decade and more, have made people fearful of the other, but also, very concerned as manufacturing companies, that provided steady if boring but well-paid jobs, were going to countries with lower wage costs, robbing the working-class in Labour heartlands of their livelihoods and giving to a foreign workforce who were eminently capable of using and maintaining the equipment used to produce those goods, and could quite easily meet those manufacturer’s needs.

Political machinations have become particularly difficult as Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party faced a vote of no confidence too, and lost – 172 to 40. A vote overwhelmingly against the leadership, but he apparently is unwilling to step down.

The backlash against the leadership which supported the Free Trade Agreements in Europe, and the wider world, cost many of Labour’s traditional supporters their jobs, over many years. World Trade we were told would enrich us all and was necessary as the most efficient and effective manufacturers lowered costs, and led ultimately towards cheaper goods and services. But TPP and TTIP which were being encouraged and lobbied for by huge American Corporations will be the end result, granting those same major U.S. corporations legal status above that of nation states, over-turning democracy after a mere 200 years… The same corporations that the conspiracy theorists believe, already have control of the planet, through shady cross-holdings, and family offices and trusts.

But was the referendum result the first wake up call for disenchanted populations around the world to rise up against the political establishment, and against the small group of Americans, and Central Bankers who control the world?

The latest news, according to James Dale Davidson – economist famous for predicting many of the problems of the last 30 years, and who appears to have been a confidante of senior political figures including Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr., Bill Clinton and many others, is that a 57 nation alliance now stands against the American Dollar Reserve System. (See below)


This alliance, he claims, are intending to bring down the U.S., and intentionally attacking the nation. The effects of which will see the Americas’ stock-markets tumble upto 50-60%, housing values fall similarly, the value of the dollar will fall 80-90% against a basket of currencies and this will wreak havoc with ordinary American’s lives leading to memories of the 1930s soup kitchens and food lines.

It used to be said, that when America sneezes, the world catches a cold, but with the growth in the BRICS nations in recent years, particularly India, and China, with 2.5 billion people between them, this perhaps is no longer quite so true. And perhaps we are about to find out as the U.S. is brought down off its high horse…

…and the one nation that stood alone against giving America the power initially in 1944 when, 44 nations signed the agreement at the Bretton Woods Hotel, was the Russian dominated Soviet Union, who now have the strongest Gold and financial reserves of any of the major economies. Her National debt is just 11% of GDP, against over 100% for many western economies, and according to one source at least, it has 20,000 tonnes of gold in its reserves. Of course with such a huge land mass, Russia also has huge oil and gas reserves, and is one of the three biggest producers of oil in the world achieving circa 10 million barrels per day. But since the fall of the Soviet Union, and after adopting a more capitalistic economic policy, the mathematical and engineering prowess of the Russians is once again beginning to shine through in technological achievements.

So, the only thing that stands in the way of the nation enjoying the same standards of living enjoyed here in the west, is if their bankers are allowed to take the same course of action, that has enslaved us all here… through gross expansion of the currency, using funny money, conjured up out of ink and printing plates, or computers of the central bank so say the Bankers. Putin favours a different course, which in alliance with China, and the other BRICS nations, will see Gold re-emerge as the arbiter of nation’s wealth. China too has been hoarding this most precious of metals. And while doing so…Bill Bonner of Agora Financial fame had this to say…

“Vive la Revolution!

The appeal of the welfare state ceases when people get less welfare than they pay for.

The more wealth and power the elite sucks out of a stagnant system, the more the typical citizen feels trapped and robbed.

The Brexit vote was an attempt to escape.

And in the U.S., many see a vote for Donald Trump as another way to get parasites off the backs of the common people.

Mr. Trump has pledged as much. The presidential election this November, he says, will determine whether the U.S. will be “ruled by the people or the politicians.”

“I will end the special interest monopoly in Washington,” he promises.

The situation is not completely unlike France in the 1780s.

So many foxes had burrowed into the privileged, elite classes that it became impossible to get them out.

They lived on “rents” – such as the right to collect taxes, or tolls, or a percentage of harvests. They were 18th century cronies, not productive members of the economy. And generally, they were even exempt from paying taxes. This left the typical French royal subject with a chip on his shoulder.

Several efforts were made at reform. Assemblies were called. “Parlements” were convened. Elections were held. But the rich foxes wouldn’t give an inch. It took a bloody revolution to change things.

Similarly, today, the foxes have a sweet deal. Their money system gives them an almost bottomless source of credit. (Thanks to negative interest rates on bonds, many governments around the world now get paid to borrow money.) And they use this credit to fund their programs… their bonuses… their stock buyback schemes…

Naturally, they are desperate to keep it going. Bloomberg:

Central banks across the world offered the financial system fresh funds and intervened in currency markets, in an effort to reassure investors sent into panic by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

After a majority of Britons voted to end their 43-year membership of the EU in a referendum, the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan issued statements stressing the availability of liquidity to keep the banking system running.

But there’s a problem…

The Deep State can control Congress. It can control the state bureaucracy… Wall Street… and Big Business. It can even – usually – control the voters.

But it can’t control the credit cycle.

Bill Bonner

And on that note, I’ll say thanks for reading…

And to those who followed my lead by buying some silver, a while ago, I say a hearty, “Well Done!”, as of late last year the price of silver was circa $14.00, as of last Friday (1st July) the price was nearing $19.20 at the close. Is that the end of this rise? Well if you have read any of my posts over the last three years, you will know the answer to that one.

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