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– And what you can do to prevent it.

MacedoniaUnrestOver the last 15 years, we have seen wars in the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) and many here in the U.K. and in the wider Europe, have been suspicious of the motives of both American, and European political classes, to destabilize the middle-east for their own ends.

Of course, when Tony Blair, supported George Dubya Bush, in his efforts to rid the Iraqis of their so-called WMD, he incurred the wrath of a huge percentage of British people opposed to his so-called “imperialism”.

Of course Dr Kelly, whose death triggered a plethora of accusations regarding these operations, in the aftermath of the adventures in Afghanistan, and Iraq, as it emerged that WMD were not there (at least we never found any) caused a media storm briefly, but to my knowledge no-one was held responsible, or culpable, but at least we got rid of Saddam Hussein – didn’t we?

I hope you sense my cynicism there, but you didn’t come here for cynicism.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve become seriously interested in world affairs, because what happens overseas, can have a major impact on what happens here at home and what happens in economics terms. I read extensively, I watch programmes that force me to critically think about global issues. I seek out those whose views are not mainstream, and ask the questions – if it is not obvious – WHY? Events in Europe, in Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, the Balkans, Belgium and France, as well as Spain, and Portugal suggest we are heading towards a tumultuous time, that may lead us back to 1939, all over again.

I’ve watched Vladimir Putin, host a live question and answer session with huge numbers of Russians, and people in the broader Russian republics. And in my research for this piece, I came across an interview that really made me wake up, to how WE THE PEOPLE, can effect change – turn back this tide.

It’s an interview that makes some serious allegations, about political and corporate life, that many will not want widely shared, but I hope, you take the time to listen to it, and draw attention to how this internet thing, can make those who sit in ivory towers, dance to our tune…

Mike Dillard, the interviewer, is a man, who has come from waiting tables at 21, to becoming a hugely successful internet businessman over those same 15 years, and on this page –  you will find the link to his interview.

The page name should provide enough of a clue, but for those who just want to go straight to the audio, click HERE.

Here’s where you come in. Listen to the above audio, and consider doing some of what John Perkins, a former economics hit-man, outlines in this marvellous thought provoking 48 minute slice of life.

Politicians everywhere, as in London,  in the U.K, are apt to deal with the problems that sit under their noses. As senior figures, from the governmental departments bring to the cabinet, issues of the day, and the media, who are there to serve the interests of their advertisers, and corporations who are there to serve the interests of their shareholders bring issues to the fore, as do the lobbyists.

Outside this small circle of influencers, it is easy for politicians to forget the issues further afield, and so local democracy gets short shrift, and yet, when we give the people the information, and ask them to do the right thing, we can start revolutions in thinking.

It’s not enough to have industrial control north of the M25, we need Political and Financial control too…

Too many governments, have relied on the largesse that emanates from the City of London, rather than realise, that the city, is part of the problem.

Financialization, distorts the economy, raises property prices in an already over-crowded city, which spread out like ripples on a pond, to all points – N. S. E. and W. Land and property costs, increase fixed costs for businesses making us in the U.K., uncompetitive with countries less densely populated – and as a nation, where four or five large landholders keep land out of access for the other 59+million we keep land prices high… Add in Health &Safety obsession, and to that, too little research into industrial machinery and equipment, and in ensuring that those who live outside the guilded cage of the M25, have sufficient skills and mathematical abilities, and are sufficiently motivated, by having a benefits system, that is more strictly controlled, and for their benefits, people have to prove daily in a benefit office, that:

A) They are getting up every day;
B) Attending a place to do job searches;
C) Are given help and advice to do a better search;
D) and Are given the resources (PC/Printer/email access etc) to do a proper search.

That should instill discipline in those looking for work, but we also need more support for start-ups particularly with incubators.

Those people made redundant from large employers, with redundancy sums in 5-figures, may hold the future for those who lack capital. They should be encouraged to form business networks, and help one another to provide services – as needed supported by local needs. Governments both local and central can hold statistics on which industries hold promise for the future, and thus direct start-up help and limited financial assistance.

We do not want to go back to the days of De Lorean, when huge sums are spent on ideas that yield short-term gain, with little long term promise. We need a broad based economy, with little domination from one industry or sector, a flexible economy, able to adapt to consumer and national needs, whether local , regional, or national.

Politics here and overseas can and is influenced by shadowy figures, who pull the strings because of financial outcomes. As in the film “All the President’s Men” in which a young Robert Redford plays one of the two journalists who brought down the Nixon Presidency, we have to follow the dictum of the shadowy figure who advised Woodward and Bernstein in the basement car-park to: “follow the money”. Macedonia as we speak is suffering political unrest, which many feel is because of that nation’s willingness to do business with people, others wish to ostracise, for financial gain… The middle eastern unrest as I have said is a pawn in a huge mega-corporate game.(See my previous post )

But we also need to understand we live in an inter-connected world, where the aspirations of all both inside the EU, and in the wider world are considered. Suspicion of the motives of others only breeds distrust, and our media could and should do more to help us understand wider issues, rather than pandering to to the lowest common denominator with “fluff” items to titillate and excite, rather than educate, inform, and make us think critically about the issues. In the meantime, it helps to broaden your information sources.

I hope this is my few penny’th towards that.

After writing this piece, I came across another interview with Dr Paul Craig Roberts, who was a former Assistant Treasury Secretary to Ronald Reagan, and who became editor, journalist, writer, author, and more recently political commentator. The interview makes concerning viewing/listening.




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