Ukraine – The Secret Coup d’État?

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As the war of words continues between the Western and Russian sponsored media channels over what really happened in the Ukraine, it is evident that there is much more to this, than meets the eye.

I am an avid watcher of alternative media, and much of what gets aired through the MSM (That’s MainStream Media) which are dominated by American Corporations – CNN, FOX News, ABC, and in the UK, SKY News, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s global media group, and of course good old Auntie Beeb – the BBC, seems to be supplied by media flunkies perhaps with an agenda to push – the PR guys.

Of course this is a natural course of events where money is the dominant force driving corporation’s decision making processes, but we would do well to remember that the media, are supposed to serve us, by providing a diversity of views, and by having a diversity of outlets.

Russia, China, and the Middle-East came late to the media party, with RT (Russia Today), CNC (China News Corporation) and Al-Jazeera UK, and US, (funded ostensibly by the Qatari, media group – Al-Jazeera Media Network)

Whilst these media corporations may have existed prior to the European wide Satellite Broadcasting revolution of the 1980s, the people of Europe and America were not granted the opportunity to see these channels, due to limited broadcasting rights, and limited distribution channels, and thus the population’s view of the world is clouded by the political views at the heads of these corporations, and thus any agenda pushed by their paymasters..

That said, we all have to recognise that national corporations will have a bias in favour of their own country, and the culture of the society colours the style of presentation of the news, and the historic value systems of the nation in which these corporations originate.

Wherever though we see media bias, we have to be able to filter out the noise, to get to the truth, that we as voters, need to fulfil our role in society as citizens (Tony Benn, prefers this particular word to the one of “Subjects” with its historical significance).

The citizen’s duty in a democracy, is to watch those who would seek power over us, to hold them to account, and we cannot do that if the media corporations are in the pockets of politicians, or financiers, who set the agenda, and the tone of the news and the politicians imbue us with an acceptance of secrecy.

The old adage of Edmund Burke that: “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing” is a truism, but for the demos (the public) we rely on media corporations to expose those events of relevance, and to bring to our eyes and ears through print, and multi-media, the bad or evil that some men (and women) do .

American President, John F. Kennedy is widely respected on many things, and widely held up as a beacon of probity in public office (if not for events in the bedroom), and in a televised public address he stated:

” The very word ‘secrecy is repugnant’, in a free and open society, and we are as a people, inherently and historically, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings.

We decided long ago, that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts, far outweighs the dangers which are cited to justify them.

Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society, by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in ensuring the survival of our nation, if our traditions do not survive with it.

And there is, very grave danger, that an announced need for increased security, will be seized upon, by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment,. That I do not intend to permit, to the extent that it’s in my control. And no official of my administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military should interpret my words here tonight, as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press or the public, facts that they deserve to know.”

So, is Edward Snowden a traitor, as he is painted by certain sections of the political class and media, or the saviour of the American ideal as espoused so eloquently by President Kennedy?

More recently Ron Paul, that Libertarian, who rather belatedly joined the republican ticket in America, because his views were shut out by the media channels, focussed as they are on the duopolistic activities that shape American politics, and the view that politics should be viewed through the left-right paradigm.

As the Estonian Prime MInister was recorded stating that the group known as the “Maidan” were indiscriminately shooting both sides of the Ukrainian divide we have to ask “WHY?” and also the seemingly oft quoted latin phrase “Qui Bono? – Who benefits?”.

Whenever economies suffer downturns, there are those who offer one or other solution to the perceived problems, and those who would be on the losing side undoubtedly wish to hang on to the money they have made which others take offence to, or wish to use in government taxation.

Just as the last time that the west was mired in economic pain – the 1970’s and early 80’s, we saw unrest in the middle-east in places like Libya in 1969 as Muammar Gaddafi seized power, 1973, when Saddam Hussein seized power in Iraq, and as Khomeini re returned to Iran from Paris, France to begin the Iranian Revolution, when the Shah, who had been appointed or at least supported by American Oil Barons, was forced to flee.

These revolutions occurred precisely for the same reasons we see unrest in the middle-east and Ukraine today – MONEY – or rather “Sound Money”.

When one country can just print up its own currency to buy things that other nations have to provide through blood, sweat, intellect, and capital (savings) to produce, then that country has an unfair advantage, And sound money is the antidote to many of today’s problems, which is why former presidential nominee, and Republican – Senator Ron Paul, has on numerous occasions called for limited government, a smaller military, and a return to the policies of the early republic, when the constitution required the new republic to maintain good relations with all countries, and to not favour any of them.

And to defend itself from tyrannical rulers, the new constitution required the population to have a well armed civilian population, who could be relied upon to rise against tyrants and those who would seek to use the population for their own selfish political ends.

This is the main reason why those in power at the head of the U.S., are keen to influence the Constitution’s 2nd amendment, because without those guns in the hands of the good people (In the main) of America, they can’t impose many of the rules and regulations that they feel they need to keep order, and it is precisely why the use of drones is such a cause of controversy.

There are some who feel that the 9/11 disaster was a secret plot that was allowed by some Neo-Cons (New Conservatives) who want to return the country to a pre-republic era when the Aristocracy controlled everything, and the people were mere serfs – like cows, to be milked daily, and that the events in the Ukraine is an extension of that thinking, as European politicians controlled by the aristocratic bankers of yesteryear, want to extend their control over the fields of the Ukraine, for the food needs of the European population, and for its military significance, with its Port in the Crimea, which President Putin, needs to allow his Naval vessels to access the Black Sea, and through the Bosphorus, to the Mediterranean and beyond..

In fact the phrase a “New World Order” has been used by many politicians keen to have a one-world government, ruled by the few who will no doubt appoint those who already wield significant power by mere dint of wealth – the Plutocrats.

Those groups in the dark recesses of Ukrainian politics, with fascist tendencies it is alleged, have been financially supported in an effort to overturn the backward looking Yanukovych government which sought financial help from its former Soviet pay-masters, and there were many who in the west of the country wished to look towards the European Union for help and progress. Perhaps the choice was a lesser of two evils?

Perhaps the REAL reason that the west has been so vociferous against its former Soviet opposition, is because the West needs pro-western middle-eastern oil, (and oil from the “Stans”) and Syria’s Basher Al-Assad, has already agreed a pipeline from Iranian gas and oil-fields, to the Mediterranean coast, from Iran (a Chinese and Russian ally), through Southern Shia controlled Iraq, Syria and Lebanon (a Syrian ally) to allow Iranian oil and gas to western and European markets, by-passing the pro-Western. Arab nations of Saudi-Arabia and Jordan, and Russia’s Naval Fleet stationed as it is in the Black Sea stands as a bulwark against their political machinations?

Any attempt by the west to use force in the region could be blocked by the Russian Black Sea Navy, which in 2011, added to the number of ships stationed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and which use the Syrian Port of Tartus, which has been in operation since Soviet days.

The events in the bread-basket of the former Soviet Union, may well lead to major political upheaval, and the secession of the Crimea, which given recent unrest, is looking increasingly likely, despite Ukrainian protests that their referendum is un-constitutional.

Watch this Space.