Weather Woes, and the Costs

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As Britain, languishes under the deluge of late, that has seen the Somerset levels returned to their normal pre-historical state – under water – partly due to lack of maintenance of the river systems, which have silted up forcing the unrelenting rainfall to overtop the banks and flood farms, hamlets and villages, much has been said about the costs, to people and businesses in the locality. The wettest Winter in 248 years – since 1766. And this morning too, those on the banks of the Thames have realised the folly of building on a flood-plain – unless you’re in a first floor flat, or your building is on stilts. No-one, who has seen the pictures can not feel sympathy for those poor victims.

Of course several other nations have also suffered under these unusually disruptive weather systems too and other disruptive events. In the U.S., the Polar Vortex, was brought about because of unseasonally wet weather in China and the Far East, which forced a column of warm, moist air north, towards the edge of the North Pacific, which dislodged the jet-stream that tipped the weather into this unusual cycle.

Snow fell as far south as Texas, which most of us from the UK might not find that unusual, until you also learn, that in 1997, when I worked there in Austin, Texas, it was over 100 degrees in February, and during that particular year, I was wearing short sleeves in December taking photographs of the State Capital building, in glorious afternoon sunlight as the sun descended on the Colorado river…

Of course, the Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 in the Indian Ocean, and the increasingly frequent eruptions along the edge of the Pacific/Australasian tectonic plates, leaving death and destruction in their wake, and the several earthquakes on several continents as the earth’s tectonic plates gradually move, also force resources that are either saved, or were destined for other uses into replacing lost property, and re-building and repairing those damaged buildings, and worse, lower output as people are lost, taking the skills and knowledge that they have built up over many years with them.

Events have a habit of disrupting people’s and countries’ economies and it is usually the Central Banks who benefit.

The floods in the UK. have been costed to-date by Bloomberg at $1.6billion dollars (£1.0billion).

We can but hope, that with all the events of late, that events don’t spiral out of control.

So whilst having money sitting in a Rainy day fund on the evidence above might seem like good insurance. However, the best insurance is Gold and Silver,

Not only do you not need to contact anyone to get at your wealth, not only is there no risk, that your insurance company might be insolvent, due to the huge claims on it.

No, you don’t have to contact your Bank, you don’t have to try to use your crypto-currency stored on your now wet flash-drive or mobile phone, or computer, perhaps valued in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, which might now be irretrievable, but when you own Silver and Gold, held in your own hands, under your own control, they are portable, water-proof and can be carried to any destination in the world, and turned into currency within minutes.

The reason Gold and Silver became money all those centuries ago, is precisely because they have such qualities. Gold sitting in a ship’s hold of centuries ago, still have the value they held all those years ago.

No other form of money has been able to replicate these characteristics, and as my previous posts have indicated, the current low prices will perhaps be the best opportunity to buy and the last chance in your lifetime, to set aside some portion of your income that will still be valuable, (even more so) when you’re over 100, and your pension has been either taxed away, inflated away, or spent long after your ability to earn has passed.

Events in the Bio-tech sphere suggest anyone alive and under 40 today, will have the potential to live to between 120-140 years of age, or even well into the age we might now consider impossible for anyone except those who lived in the fictional Shangri-La – famously written about in the 1930s, when a man who claimed to have been born in the 1600s in the Tibetan/Nepalese mountains died at the age of 264. Dr. Li, reputedly had several certificates from the Chinese Emperor, congratulating him on his 150th, 200th and 250th birthdays, and he was the man who was written about, that the original novel, gave as the foundation of the Film.

As Gold has been rising over the last few weeks, today the price is fast approaching $1300 ounce, at $1284, and that is just the beginning. Read back through my posts to see where I see it going before this particular crisis is over.


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