Humble Pie – How is it best served?

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I have to admit, that I have to give myself a HUGE portion of humble pie.

Apparently, I inadvertantly left out a character from a link to the FREE e-book in an earlier post, and couldn’t understand why the link didn’t work as expected.

To those who were keen to read the 632 pages, which tells the history behind the current global financial crisis from the late 1700s, to the end of 2013, and offers a few hints and tips on to how to survive “The Coming Battle”, between the people and the Banks I say “Sorry.”.

As China accumulates with increasing fervour Gold and Silver, and advises (tells?) its citizens  to put 5% or more, of their savings into precious metals, we have to wonder, what does China know, that we in the west don’t?

I said in a previous post, that I’d provide some background and business opportunities in new tech, and the emerging post-industrial economy, as 3-D printing becomes mainstream, and manufacturing returns to the home.

LIke in the run up to the industrial revolution, craftspeople made things for their neighbours, and exchanged things with those who lived nearby. IF, the price of 3-D printers comes down to levels that make them viable for local business people to purchase, together with the necessary raw-materials, and software design tools, then we may yet see a situation like England in 1720, as artisans, and craftspeople sold their wares in towns and cities, and people sell their products on-line to more distant clientele.

However, we will all need to have a basket of skills, and a return to the soil, as people grow more of their own food, because they will be at home already, and that may well be the way that this crisis unfolds, leading to more self-reliance, and more of a community spirit.

As people learn to be more self-reliant, the need for others to tell us how to conduct our lives, and the need for more government interference in the economy, may yet be reversed.

It may be a utopian ideal, but the much vaunted “Internet of Things” currently being touted as “The Next Big Thing” may free us from totalitarianism.

That said, the road to this new Utopia, may be strewn with the bodies of countless of our fellow citizens as we adapt to these changing circumstances.

End of Corporatism? End of Big Government?

If we exchange goods in barter fashion, because we can provide goods of equal value, then the government revenue goes down, and with it their influence. A return to Adam Smith style free market thinking, and community may just turn out to be the Utopia we all crave, and those who delight in telling others how to run their lives, will have to find new occupations.

This bottom up approach was enshrined in the new Republic of the United States of America, when presidents walked to work, without the need for dozens of security staff, when they themselves lived like their fellow men, and Gold and Silver were the money of the people, not the paper currencies that has allowed the people to be ruled by sociopaths intent on controlling the population for their own ends, and to enrich themselves.

– True Liberty – means controlling as much as possible of your own life, and choosing to do what makes you happy.

That most profound of thinkers Thomas Jefferson, adviser to Goerge Washington as first President of the U.S. in a letter to John Tyler, May 28, 1816, wrote:-

“The system of banking we have both equally and ever reprobated,  I contemplate it as a blot left in all our constitutions which, if not covered, will end in their destruction, which is already hit by the gamblers in corruption, and is sweeping away in its progress the fortunes and morals of our citizens.”

As the current financial crisis unfolds, it appears Thomas Jefferson was right, but we have an opportunity to undo this and throw off these shackles, by returning to sound money. Doug Casey of Casey Research suggests we are in the eye of the storm, and that as we emerge from it, it will be worse than 2008/9.

That we have ignored Jefferson’s advice for 200 years may be one more reason to all eat some “Humble Pie”.


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