JP Morgan Bank reaches $13Bn DoJ settlement

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So, the latest is that Bank – JP Morgan-Chase, has reached a settlement with the Department of Justice in the amount of $13 BILLION in response to claims of breaches of regulation for “wrong-doing” however you wish to define that.

Of course if those “wrong-doings” were done by you or me, then we’d be sitting in the slammer facing a long jail stretch, but if you’re one of the biggest banks in the world – if not THE biggest – then it’s a slap on the wrist, and we’ll let you settle out of court, providing you promise us you won’t do it again…

Except Banks like JPM,  have been stiffing the population, and the economy for almost three hundred years.  There’s a great recently updated e-book that covers this called “The Coming Battle” that  goes into the details of some of their “misdemeanours” over the years, and even has some investment ideas in the final chapter… HERE

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