Day: Oct 11, 2013

Opening Blast!

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Welcome to Money Matters – because it really does, more than most people realise.

While one side of the world sleeps, The other side is busy, making money, building empires, and making things.

Those who want more than they currently have for their families and for their future, need help, guidance, and an opportunity to make more money. That’s where we come in. This blog will be a talking point, a focus for money making ideas. And when I find investment opportunities that sound like they could do with an airing, then I’ll air them. And I hope you will too.

(At this point I should point out… Any investment ideas posted here are just that – suggestions for further research – we are not investment advisers, but we get ideas sent to us, and we’ll do a little background research just to see if they are worthwhile doing further research on, and hopefully, you will share yours too)